I hope you found last week’s eletter useful and utilised the trends for Royal Ascot.  Looking at Days 1 and 2, only the Windsor Castle Stakes was a stats buster.

In the Coventry, we suggested laying the favourite in the place market. He was unplaced.

In the Kings Stand, the second favourite won yet again.

In the St James Palace, top 3 in the betting tended to win. Well, 2 of the top 3 came 1st and 3rd

In the Ascot stakes, we mentioned a focus on a double figure odds winner. That came in at 14/1

In the Wolferton, a mention for Gosden, 3rd at 14/1, and a race for a speculative each way play. How about a winner at 20/1

In the Queen Mary, 2nd place at 28/1 following a pattern of big priced winners. Each way on the favourite suggested. Favourite won

In the Prince of Wales, the favourite lost and 3rd favourite won ( winner top 3 in betting in 11/12 matches)

In the Royal Hunt cup, another successful lay of the favourite in the place market. Big odds plays? 2nd and 3rd at 40/1 and 28/1

Day 3 is upon us as I write, and Day 4 is today. Don’t forget Saturday!

The past winner trends have tended to be spot on haven’t they?

I got all of the information from a website called www.thestatsdontlie.com  It consistently provides superb past trends for high profile race meetings, as well as stats on football and some other sports.

I only tend to look at these past trends for big meetings. If only they were all as accurate as the Royal Ascot past trends! There are facebook groups dedicated to providing the past trends for big race meetings if this interests you, get googling.

This method  is a popular method. There are plenty of free resources who will do this for you ( if only they could guarantee the accuracy of the first 2 days of Royal Ascot!)

From one marquee event to another.

Here’s a question for you.

Given inflation is rampant, how much will a pannet of strawberries cost at Wimbledon this year? I hear they are offering to spread payments over 12 months for a pannet of 5 strawberries, but the loan must be guaranteed!

Wimbledon, like all Grand Slam tennis tournaments, is an excellent competition for you to target to profit from. It begins at the end of this month.

My preferred method of profiting is to reactively bet in play ( a.k.a. trading) . I have passed onto you some angles in past eletters. Do you remember to target men’s tennis during a Grand Slam. Best of 5 sets, first to 3. Why is this significant?

Imagine a player is 2 sets to nil up.

It ain’t over! The player 2-0 down must win the next set. No ifs, buts or maybes. Must.

Or it’s a ‘toodle pip old bean’ ( as they say at Wimbledon). Out of the Grand Slam!

You can profit from this motivating factor by backing the player 2-0 down , or laying the player 2-0 up . The ideal market is laying the player 2-0 to win 3-0 in the set betting market. But there is a lack of liquidity. Or lay the player 2-0 up in the Set 3 winner betting market.

Nearer to start time ( end of June) I will put together a check list for you of websites you should visit, and strategies you can apply to Grand Slam tennis.

I’m off now to sell my condo. I should have enough to pay IN CASH for a pannet of 5 strawberries , and a glass of Robinsons!