Before the off….. - What Really Wins Money

Thanks to an eletter reader for pointing me in the direction of an excellent free resource which is a comprehensive race card service powered by the Racing Post. I never knew this resource existed.

These cards are the type you’d expect from a paid-for website such as  would be your first port of call to familiarise yourself with the wealth of information at the website.

This website is going to be a real boon for you systemites. Our very own Patriarch would have been salivating had he come across this website.

The long-form race cards contain information on trainer and jockey form recently and over time. I particularly like the ‘Best in Category’ section where a tick is given if the horse is best in a certain category such as

  • Best Trainer 14 Day Performance Rating
  • Best Jockey Course Performance
  • Best BTO+ Rating

And even ratings regarding the sires.

How would a horse with the most ticks in this category section perform?

Maybe you’d like BTO to do all of the work for you?  Check out

I’m going to be keeping a record of some ‘system’ ideas I have using the information at this site. Take a look yourself. This is free and , at the moment, there’s no need to log in!