I hope last week’s eletter gave you some food for thought regarding profiting from this new football season. There were plenty of betting and trading strategies laid bare for you.

It is always an exciting time for me as football is such a good sport to “read”.

What do I mean?

Well, at the upper echelons of the sport, we have teams who show ultra consistent form season in and season out (Manchester United notwithstanding of course – well there was that change wasn’t there!) and it’s in their stats that we’ll get our cues.

This season will be no different.

Teams will show predictable patterns and there’ll be some eyecatching sequences too for you to profit from.

I would recommend, as I seem to do this time every year, that you get to know www.soccerstats.com. Its new innovations this year include halftime stats which afford another profit stream as does the both teams to score stats that they have included now in major leagues (you’ll recall in eletters past that I have looked in-depth at both of these niches).

I know, you may be thinking, this is all a bit too much like hard work Clive!

I know, I know.

Why not focus on some small niches this season? Laying 0-0 after halftime for instance, or checking the markets only after the 85th minute of a football match? See last week’s eletter for all of those great betting ideas.
Or better yet, focus on a specific team for the season? Get to know them and then you’ll see their patterns better than the casual observer.

Or why not let me do all of the hard work for you (don’t tell the girlfriend, I’m going to have to buy an extra large swear jar for her when she sees what I’ve got in store!).

So watch out for a special football related announcement coming your way next week (and no, despite the rumours, Paris St Germain are not replacing the hapless David Luiz with me).

All the Gee-Gees

The 2 G’s appear next week, Galway and Goodwood.

In years past at Galway , the simple betting methodology has been to favour Dermot Weld trained horses, most likely ridden by Pat Smullen.

Check out www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk this week where I’ll have a free to view Galway Festival past winners guide¬† starting Monday. These past winners guides tend to be very accurate in shortlisting big festival races.
Who knows, I might even include Goodwood in there too.

Follow my each-way bets

I’m now proofing my each-way selections, free to members of What Really Wins Money newsletter at www.racing-index.com

Click on Tipster Proofing, scroll down to 1 month comparison and there you’ll see What Really Wins Money – Each way.

One thing to note, as I am a beginner at this racing index malarkey, I proofed an 11/1 winner outside the start time of the race so that does not show up in profits.

I hope to show that, long term we can build up a nice profit to simple level stakes. This exercise also shows the power of Betfair SP. I picked a 10/1 winner this week, which returned nearer to 22/1 with Betfair SP. This is a huge aberration.

I’ll be adding more of my betting ideas to racing-index as the months progress in the hope we’ll get another strategy as interesting as the each-ways.

And afore ye go!

You’ll recall I set you some homework some weeks ago, and that was to note how often odds on shots ( any team/horse/player below evens or 2.00 decimal odds) lose. I’ll be passing on my findings in next week’s eletter along with some ideas how we can exploit this.

So tune in then. Do check out my Guinness stained What Really Wins Money posts this week for the Galway festival.

Have a great weekend!