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As part of the What Really Wins Money monthly newsletters, there is a section entitled ‘“Home-Grown” system updates’. I mentioned these fleetingly in last week’s e-letter.

I just want to show you some profit graphs, now that 2014 is done and the profit graphs look quite nice – you know: a line emanating from the bottom-left corner and rising upwards and to the right with relative consistency.

Do remember that a large majority of these ‘Home-Grown’ ideas have been shared with you in this here e-letter.

Two-horse race placers

This is the second year of profits for this lovely little place-only betting system. An 82% strike-rate throughout 2014 has turned a £100 betting bank into £406. That’s a 40-point profit.

This follows on from a 2013 profit of 61 points. Not bad for a betting strategy featured for free to readers of What Really Wins Money.


Laying the top weight in handicaps at All Weather meetings

Here is another simple idea whose origins again came from within the pages of What Really Wins Money, from an article written by the Statman.

I shared this laying strategy with you in a recent eletter. It is on a current run of 27 consecutive winners. This simple idea – of laying any single top weight (no joint top weights) in handicap races at All Weather meetings, as long as their odds (ideally Betfair SP) are 10 or lower – produced 104 points profit in 2014.

We see another comforting profit graph:


Irish Bumpers

Here’s a simple strategy. Lay the favourite in National Hunt Flat races in Ireland. A 41-point profit for this strategy in 2014 is something you should consider for 2015.

The profit graph, in this case, is not as consistent:


Laying the favourites in Maidens, Claimers and Sellers at All Weather meetings

Quite simply, follow the title above, and you will have a 73-point profit from 2014 to level stakes.

A 56% strike-rate has produced this profit:


Lay the favourite in the worst race at All Weather meetings

Here’s a reminder of another strategy I shared with you in 2014. All Weather meetings are characterized by an ‘(AW)’ (in brackets, as seen below).

Simply click on ‘FAVOURITES’ and note the worst performing races for favourites. At Lingfield, handicaps for two-year-olds (called ‘Nurseries’) see only 29% of favourites winning. If there is a Nursery handicap, we lay the favourite. Simple!


A 57-point profit last year to level stakes is an excellent return. For readers of What Really Wins Money, I have a better staking plan for this strategy. With this special staking plan, we managed a 109-point profit.

Take a look at the lovely progression of the graph below. Exactly what I want to see from a profit graph:


If you were to build a portfolio like this, I am sure you would reach the back-end of 2015 with a nice profit. The use of a simple selection strategy, and its complimentary staking plan, can ensure profits as per 2014.

I’m working, as I said last week, on a number of new betting ideas for 2015. Time will tell whether I can uncover a new ‘two-horse race placer’ system for you (profitable for two consecutive years).

If you want full disclosure, join What Really Wins Money. If you don’t want to join, fear not (he said, wiping a tear from his cheek), there’ll still be plenty of profitable ideas here at the WRWM eletter.

Football betting systems are my big focus for 2015. I want to produce some bet-and-go systems for you this year to add to your portfolio. I already share ‘banker bets’ at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk and will work on that all-important staking plan which maximises returns while ensuring risk is always controlled.

So, it’s a busy year ahead! I hope you’ll benefit from some of the ideas – as you will have if you took action on some of my betting systems above last year.

Next week sees the composition of January’s What Really Wins Money newsletter so I’ll share with you some ideas a-brewing and some of the better performing tipsters of 2014 here in the e-letter.

I’m off now – football research for www.drt.club will keep me out of mischief. Have a great weekend.

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