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I do hope you followed me in last week with the lay of Wales at odds of 1.59. It proved inspired as England came from behind to clinch victory. The market was simply out of step with the fact that this was Wales v England and both teams’ first match of the campaign.

I mentioned the Grand Slam market as well last week, where the odds for no odds winner was 1.76. The odds have risen to 1.95 this week. I suggested laying this market last week and the rise in odds enables you to trade out.

Remember, if you want to know more about the relationship between backing and laying, then click on this link for a free tutorial.

With England playing Italy tomorrow, they should record two wins out of two. Similarly, with Ireland taking on France, and both of these teams winning their opener, one of these two will be recording two wins out of two too.

With that in mind, if you followed me last weekend and layed the no winner in the Grand Slam market at 1.76, I would hold fire.

There may be nervousness in the market if two teams have won their first two matches. Remember that for a Grand Slam to be successful, we need one team to beat all of the other five.

In the Grand Slam market last week, I also mentioned Ireland (6.6 last weekend) and France (15.5 odds last weekend).

Ireland’s odds are now 5.7 to back and 5.9 to lay, with France’s odds 15.5 to back and 17.5 to lay. Ireland play France at the weekend with Ireland 1.44 favourites. If you think the market is correct here, and you backed Ireland as Grand Slam winners last week at 6.6, then their odds will reduce if they beat France at home.

In the outright winner market, I advised laying Ireland after they had beaten Italy. Their odds now are 3.15 to lay, with England 1.97 favourites.

“That’s now crick-eet is that”

As my close showbiz pal Geoffrey Boycott is wanton to say. Snooze-at they should call it. The cricket World Cup starts soon, until March. I must admit, if there was a choice between attending a national watching paint dry convention or a cricket match, I would have to plump for the former.

But, with the theme on sports trading at Betfair over the last couple of eletters, I have it on good authority that cricket is actually one of the best sports for trading!

That’s news to me! This is a great article on cricket as a trading vehicle.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll try to find out as much information as I can regarding cricket trading and share with you here at the WRWM eletter.

This website is recommended for cricket information. I’ll be trawling t’internet and collating the best strategies and ideas I find regarding cricket.

I hope to have collected some strategies for you to mull over by England’s match on 20 February against New Zealand.

Home-grown happiness!

I’ll be updating you soon on how some of my ‘home-grown’ betting ideas have progressed. Here’s one such strategy, which I call ‘Bankers or Blowouts’. Selections are available for free at for What Really Wins Money newsletter subscribers.

With this strategy, I hope to prove that you can make solid profits from football teams whose odds are shorter than Ronnie Corbet after a cartoon one-ton weight has landed on his head.

Check out the profit graph since November 2014:


A £100 betting bank, betting a level £33 per bet, has turned the betting bank into £689.

We are limited with our staking plans because, oftentimes, there are a number of bets at the same time (so any reactive staking plan has to be eliminated).

Whilst doing this, I have also discovered an excellent method of selecting these ‘banker bets’. This is something I may share with readers of March’s What Really Wins Money (as February is usually the WRWM Cheltenham special).

I’m off now to secure my tickets for the national paint drying convention. It’s a Valentine’s gift for the girlfriend! It’ll sell off quickly! Have a great weekend.

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