It’s a simple sum and one you should be aware of. I only bring up the subject of bookmaker promotions after informing my What Really Wins Money subscribers at of the rather juicy promotions for the Champions League matches which took place on 4 and 5 May.
I made a risk-free £63 all in all between these two matches. Yes, I repeat… Risk. Free. I.e. zero risk!

When there are major sporting events such as Champions League semi-finals, Europa League semi-finals, the darts, or major horse racing events such as Cheltenham, Aintree, and the Chester May Meeting currently being held this week, inevitably there will be bookmaker promotions, which you can turn into risk-free cash.

I could go on and on about promotions. I do hope you will look into this unique aspect of betting: it can make you some solid cash (do watch out for an email winging its way to you if you want to pay for someone else to find these promotions for you).

If you are a subscriber to What Really Wins Money, then please read the Free Bets book at, which takes you through the process. And maybe you can make £60+ risk-free while watching Messi do, well, what Messi does best!

New balls please!

No, I haven’t broken my girlfriend’s favourite vase and she’s about to find out: I am, of course talking about the tennis. We are in the clay court section of the ATP and WTA tour at the moment. Tennis is something you should consider looking at, especially if you’re a football bettor who’ll be in hibernation during the close season.

I’ve begun research tennis matches now at and want to work on a step-by-step guide for you guys in time for the next Grand Slam event. I’d better get my skates on.

In simple terms, here’s what I do currently:

  1. Shortlist all short odds matches featuring household names.
  2. Go to head-to-heads and check out rankings and recent form.
  3. Go to the ATP and WTA tour websites and check head-to-heads.
  4. If the favourite looks strong, wait for them to make a Horlicks of things, then pounce!

Yesterday David (Terrier) Ferrer was playing Fernando Verdasco. Ferrer was 1.22 shot and eighth in the world playing fellow Spaniard Verdasco (38th in the world).

So, what do you do when Verdasco wins the first set in a match which is the first to two sets? You lay him at far lower odds than he was pre-match (1.74 at his lowest after winning the first set). Or back 1.22-shot Ferrer at evens! How about that!?

This happens all of the time, especially with Andy ‘Whoops I’ve lost the first set again’ Murray.

There is a lot more to tennis that this simple strategy, but it’s a good start. Here’s another: lay any player priced at 1.06 or lower. Nadal – 1.04 yesterday – was available to back at 1.19 after only three matches. The downside is minimal. The upside? Well, never-ending!

I’ll get working on this for you!


I hope you profited from the Punchestown analysis last week. In the first race, I recommended following Enda Bolger (in fact I recommended following ‘Edna Bolger’ – hope she didn’t think you were stalking her). He had first, second and fourth in the 235pm race.

In the 3pm race, I recommended a Willie Mullins trained horse which came in fourth at 11/1 for each way punters.

In the 350pm race, laying Annie Power was fruitless, but at 1.22 little harm was done.

In the 425pm race, I shortlisted the Mullins horses who came first and second.

I recommended backing a Mullins horse in the 535pm race too, and he finished second, third and fourth, alas.

Guess they should rename Punchestown as ‘Mullinstown’.

It’s Liberation Day in Guernsey tomorrow, so my thoughts are with family and friends in the Channel Islands, liberated from Zee Germans on 9 May 1945.

I’m off now to liberate some cash using bookmaker promos, and you should do too! Watch out for the Premiership promotions tomorrow. Spend a few minutes clicking on the promotion pages at online bookies. It’ll pay off well.

Have a great weekend!