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I hope you found the Australian Open tennis strategy I mentioned last week of use. It came good again yesterday as lesser seed Tomas Berdych won the first set against Andy Murray. Murray’s odds increased as a consequence. He then went on to win the next three sets!

Here are some dates for your diary for other more time-zone-friendly Grand Slam tournaments, so take note: on 24 May to 7 June we have Roland Garros in the French Open; on 29 June to 12 July we have Wimbledon; and on 31 August to 13 September we have the US Open.

I personally would also include the Monte Carlo Masters on 11–19 April, although I am not sure whether this non-Grand-Slam operates a seeding structure.

Do try the strategy out for the French Open and Wimbledon. Please make sure you are au fait (see: I am practicing my French in anticipation of the French Open) with the idea of backing, laying and creating a green book, by taking a look at this free resource http://learning.betfair.com/en/ which introduces you to these concepts that are key to tennis trading.

Or, email me at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk if you want an example or two from the Australian Open.

Tennis trading should be a skill you master and a welcome addition to your betting portfolio. There are many other tennis strategies available, but I have focused on a simple strategy for starters.

Revelation-tastic! (Can I get an ‘Amen’?!)

Did you take advantage of Andrew David’s special offer this week? The package he offers includes his acclaimed Little Acorns, and Football Bank Builder, along with a very unique staking plan called the Revelation Staking Plan (can I get a ‘Hallelujah’?).

I must admit I had to fly in my close showbiz pal Carol Vorderman to take me through it. You may not need to of course, as the package comes with its own calculator to do all of the work for you.

I’m putting all three systems to the test starting 1 February 2015 and am excited to see this Revelation Staking Plan (can I get another ‘Hallelujah’?) in action. As you’ll recall, I met Andrew in Cobh recently and this is the staking plan he was raving on about, created by a follower of his Little Acorns strategy.

The bundle offer has closed now, regrettably, but I’m looking forward to working with Andrew closely this year and we’ve got some really interesting things in the pipeline.


If you are a member of What Really Wins Money, you get yourself free access to www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk. I have been experimenting with banker bets, something I have mentioned in these eletters in the past. I concluded that football was the place to focus (as I do research for my www.drt.club members anyway).

The last two weekends have been, well, a revelation! Fifteen out of 15 successful banker bets is excellent form. Can I keep it up this weekend? If you’re a member of the newsletter, then log in and take a look!


As February arrives, we will be seeing a lot of potential Cheltenham Festival candidates having a run out before the big festival, which happens to coincide with my birthday (thank ye, Betting Gods!).

Each year, February’s edition of What Really Wins Money becomes a Cheltenham Special. There’s even an authentic Guinness stout stain embedded on the front page, free for every reader!

The Statman will take a statistical peak at the festival. Where will he focus this year? The jockeys? The trainers? The favourites perhaps; or specific races?

The Patriarch gives us his betting strategies and the afore-mentioned Andrew David goes through the Cheltenham card for us.

If you want a one-off in-depth accompaniment to the Cheltenham Festival, then join What Really Wins Money for February… and stay on if you want.

I might even throw in a betting strategy which breaks all of the rules and has been quietly making me £20 or thereabouts each time I use it.

There’s absolutely no value involved: the staking plan is a joke, there is no common betting sense to it, but if you can create a good winning run, you can take some money out of the Betfair markets each time you use it.

You will need betting software, though, which allows you to bet under their £2 minimum.

I’m off now to get another ‘Hallelujah’. I’ve just had another revelation (the Kelly Brook 2015 calendar has just arrived!)

Have a great weekend.

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