Thanks very much to Andrew for another very thought provoking article on football. I have a twist on his idea.

Look for teams to NOT tolerate a continued losing run. Here’s a few examples.

Atletico Madrid

Title contenders Atletico Madrid on a 4 match losing run! 2 ways you can attack this. Do not expect a 5th consecutive losing run particularly playing at home.

Do not expect a 4th consecutive away loss, conceding 2 goals.

West Ham

On 2 occasions recently, West Ham suffered 2 consecutive defeats. Do not expect a 3rd , particularly v the opposition they play after the 2 defeats.

To come….Chelsea

Chelsea are leaking points. 4 draws in 5 matches. Not losing but not taking 3 points. Look for this draw sequence to end soon. It is very damaging. You could either lay the draw next match or wait in play and lay any late draw in the hope that Chelsea push for 3 points instead of 1 point.

A different approach to Andrew’s technique but equally as valid.

These negative sequences do end, particularly when they involve title contenders who will not, or cannot , tolerate the consistent dropping of points.

Have a great weekend.