Thanks Andrew! - What Really Wins Money

Thanks to Andrew David for his excellent eletter last week. Not bad for a Wolves supporter! In my last eletter I talked about ratings and the fact that, well, there are hundreds of ratings out there for horse racing all claiming to be the best. They can’t all be right!

I did get some feedback on the ratings and one reader mentioned Inform Racing ratings. He was a 10 year customer so that is testament to his confidence with these ratings.

They have a 1K to 50K challenge ( I just hope that’s £ and not Zimbabwean dollars) and I might give that a go. If successful I’ll be writing my next eletter from Monte Carlo.

The problem with these ratings is that there is no traditional P/L spreadsheet, the kind you see with online tipsters nowadays. This is a pity. I have asked for a trial of inform racing so will let you know if I embark on the £1K to £50K challenge.

I also have access to ratings from so will pit these 2 against each other.

Thanks for your feedback on these ratings.