Thanks to Andrew for his eletter last week.

I am now out of the 14 day enforced quarantine and back at home, with an assortment of thai craft beers chilling in the fridge, and the wife trying to turn me into a sumo wrestler by over-feeding me. Should I need an extra income, I could peddle my wares as the Great White Sumo.

I did an article in November’s edition of What Really Wins Money on the variety of race cards that are available. If you think that horse racing race cards begin and end at then you’d be mistaken.

For a thoroughly Irish slant, take a look at the race cards at  There is a particularly good feature with the race cards here. Quite apart from a more indepth look at Irish races, this website points out when horses have won when rated at higher than today’s rating. I will be collecting these horses and hope to see whether there is a pattern we can profit from.

Elsewhere, take a look at the race cards at and The latter I particularly like the TF Pace map, a free function which will serve you ‘dobbers’ well ( dobbing is the practice of backing pre-race and laying in-play to hopefully lock in a profit from horses described as  ‘leaders’ whose odds are expected to drop as the race begins and they assume their leading position.

Over at their race card uses Timeform data but doesn’t have any unique features to make me want to use the cards .

I did point you to and their paid-for race cards. I will also be looking at the racecards at The latter attest to a 60% strike rate when backing their 3 highest rated horses on their race cards. Does this stand up to scrutiny? Does it produce a profit? You’ll find out when I have enough data.

So, do take a look at the other available race cards out there. Maybe you can create a system or two from their unique features? Maybe you could collect all of the different ratings in the different race cards to hint at a strong horse to back?

I’ll be passing on any angles I find.

In the meantime, it’s great to be back home, I’m off now to practice my Sumo moves on the Mother-In-Law.