Here’s a little football inplay technique that has served us very well this week  in the Italian Seria B football league.

Frosinone are playing Como on the 16th February 2022.

Como score first in the 28th minute. ( what a pity Como never signed Bobby Charlton – they could have changed their name to Comb-over.)

If you like betting or trading inplay, you might want to take a look at what’s called the Goal Times table at

Here is the Goal Times table for Frosinone when they are playing home matches.

Tell me what you see?

If you tell me that Frosinone have scored 10 goals in the 31st -45th minute, then you have spotted a potential trading /betting in-play angle.

Add into the equation the fact that Frosinone are the favourite in this match, had been doing the majority of the attacking, and look to have slipped to an unexpected counter-attack goal, and we have all the ammunition we need to react to this goal.

Would it occur to you to get involved in the halftime market in this instance?

Lay Como in the halftime market, leading 0-1.

As you can see, Frosinone have a strong pattern for scoring goals in the last 15 minutes of matches.

Hey Presto….

Frosinone score a goal in that 31st-45th minute of the first half, as they have seasonal shown an ability to do so.  And we can lock in profit with that scored goal.

And here’s another example from the same league.

Brescia are playing Alessandria in the same Italian Seria B league. It’s the 13th February, Brescia are favourite.

The underdog Alessandria scores first. This is what I look for. A possible trading angle.

I take a quick look at the Goal Times table for both teams, Brescia at home and Alessandria away from home.

Tell me what you see and in which 15 minute bracket you’d think about entering the match to possibly oppose the underdog leading.

Bear in mind Brescia are 3rd in the league, Allesandria are 15th, we would have expected a better performance, surely, from a top 3 side.

Anyway, back to the goal times. Which 15 minute goal segment stands out to you?

Yes, folks, it’s a double header! Brescia have scored 67% of home goals 2nd half and 6 goals in the 76th-90th minute.

Alessandria have conceded 7 goals in the 76th-90th minute.

What do you say to us thinking about laying Alessandria in this time period? It’s the best time, season long, for Brescia to score 2nd half and Alessandris to concede 2nd half.

Hey Presto…

A 90th minute equaliser for 3rd in the league. These goal times stats prove their effectiveness!

This is what I call ‘embedded form’ because we are so deep into the season, these patterns look reliable, don’t they?

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