July is the time when the big kahuna at Canonbury Towers takes a sabbatical, so June’s edition of What Really Wins Money will be the last until we return for the new football season in August.

Newsletter under construction!

In this month’s newsletter, I reveal two of my greyhound ideas for readers. Both are laying ideas. Fancy that! No coincidence there I’m afraid. Having followed a number of greyhound meetings, it is clear to me, that it’s absolute mayhem!

There’s more barging than you’ll find at a Tesco meat stall.

There’s more hard luck stories than an episode of EastEnders.

And the poor favourites, particularly in the lower-grade greyhound races, lose so often that it’s no wonder that the bookies love the dogs so much.

One of the laying ideas is a ‘compounding’ idea. That is, we seek to bump the betting bank by 1% each day. This greyhound market is absolutely ideal for this endeavour.

The other lay strategy is based on laying favourites, but only three favourites in one betting cycle, using loss-retrieval.

I have already revealed this strategy for the horse racing and it has turned £100 into £1,600 so deserves due consideration.

The Patriarch reveals a perfect backing system for exploiting two-year-old maiden races in July, August and September, as well as a great handicap backing strategy.

The Statman focuses on headgear this month: blinkers, eye-shields, hoods, sheepskin cheekpieces, and visors. His conclusions are very interesting and potentially highly lucrative. Headgear, it seems, may not be the panacea that trainers think it is.

The ‘Home-Grown’ Betting Systems are ticking along nicely and I update readers as to performance. My 3-5-8 strategy from May’s newsletter is the one I alluded to earlier, which has turned £100 into £1,600. I am delighted with it. I was so excited by this strategy that I have instantly added it to my betting portfolio.

There is, of course, the usual System and Tipsters Update. Lessons learned from this section?

  • Don’t believe the profit headlines. They are usually highly selective and culled from a period when the tipster was profitable.
  • Beware how results are recorded. There is one tipster service who now provides an option whereby they record results to Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG). Invariably recording results to BOG can turn a Starting Price loss into a rather nice profit.
  • Beware calendar year profits (January–December). Ask: How is the tipster performing now? Has the betting bank actually grown? I like to look at today’s betting bank total, and then check the last time that the betting bank was at a similar level. There are two tipsters, for instance, who have not made a profit since August 2014, yet are marketing their January 2014–December 2014 results. Most misleading. There is another tipster proclaiming ‘an incredible 856.40 points profit in just five months’. But he didn’t say which five months. His headline should read” ‘An incredible +2 points profit since November 2014’ but I guess that telling the truth does not attract customers.

Have you been trying out my theory that 1.17 odds or thereabouts means goals? I was pleased to see a 4-0 win yesterday, for instance, for BATE Borisov, whose match odds were 1.17.

Do ensure too that you keep those permutations I shared with you last week handy for the next rounds of European qualifiers or other friendlies.

Any subscribers to the What Really Wins Money newsletter, I will be doing free tennis trading research for you once Wimbledon begins on 29 June. My tennis trading research was good on the whole for the French Open.

I hope those of you who read the newsletter find it useful. There are some great ideas there. Have a great weekend.