I may not be able to do any research today as I am in transit. Hopefully back home before the important matches kick off.  Yesterday saw a must win Russian side go a goal down ( backed at 1.83 at halftime), go 2-1 up ( trade out) and end up drawing 2-2 ( thank the betting gods that I traded out at 2-1 up).

A perfect example of why you should trade and not bet, and always get out at the earliest opportunity. It was the difference for me between a £75 profit guaranteed and a £100 loss if I’ve have kept in the match until the end ( the unlikely equaliser was scored in the 90th minute).

I suppose the Italy v Ireland match was a perfect example, alongside Bosnia v Germany, of why we must research, and that research point to effectively dead rubbers for all 4 sides. And the scorelines reflected a “taking the foot off the gas” for Italy who lost and Germany who drew a 4-4 epic. Elsewhere there were no real surprises.

I’ll try to get the footy today done when I return home later today.

Oh and well done Andy Murray, I layed Murray 3-0 sets at 4.5 and Djokovic went on to win the next 2 sets at 2-0 down. Remember Tennis is all about KEY MOMENTS and the 3rd set was a key moment because if Djoko hadn’t have won it, he’d have been out!