Well done to Croatia for nabbing a 1-1 draw. Was there anyone out there willing to lay Italy once they went 1-0 up? No? Me neither. They looked sharp yesterday and will be relishing the Irish meeting.

So much for Irish defending. Out the window. Totally and utterly out of their depth yesterday. A reliance on Robbie Keane up front means ZERO goals! Torres got 2 goals.

Half time was key for me. Laying the halftime score was a good tactic. Although never in a million years was I going to see Ireland 1 Spain 0 to allow the mother of all enhanced bets!!

5pm – UKRAINE v FRANCE  – 2.04 for france. A touch over evens for the French I suppose this recognises the fact that Ukraine were really buoyed by their home support. Will Sheva do it again tonight? I don’t think so to be honest. He’s had his day in the sun, and yes he looked superb and finished well, but this is a French outfit managed by, guess who? A defender – Laurent Blanc

In 14 of Ukraine’s last 15 matches, at least one of the teams have scored 2 goals. Yes, I acknowledge that most were friendlies and Ukraine were not in competitive mode.

One of those matches was a 1-4 defeat by France. A 3-3 draw too with Russia suggests vulnerability against the cream. Indeed if we look back, Italy scored 2 against Ukraine too.

France are now unbeaten in 22 matches, as if to underline my point earlier about their defence. Only once in that run did they concede 2 goals and that was in a friendly against Iceland. If this kind of defensive solidity continues then we will not expect Ukraine to score 2 goals.

This makes Ukraine layable. It also opens up in play betting if 0-0 for a while, lay the 0-0 later on. Lay Ukraine if they are leading.

This for me is a step up for the Ukraine. You don’t go 22 unbeaten by accident and the French should not concede 2 goals tonight. That means Ukraine have to win 1-0, and can they shut out a classy front row for France?

If we take this to heart (that the Ukraine will not score 2 against France), then correct score choices can bare that out. Options include 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 1-2 (to France), 0-2 France. Any 3 from those 5 perhaps. I hope I can discount 0-0.

7.45pm – SWEDEN V ENGLAND – 2.3 away – England are favourites tonight and put on an impressive performance against France, with a team spirit clearly visible. Rooney is getting his hair cut by Stevie Wonder tonight so can’t make it. Is it a coincidence that all 3 of Woy’s matches so far have been 1-0 to England ( 2 1-0 wins and a 1-1 draw)?

The early goal seems to appear too. I take little from the head to heads which recount trouble against Sweden. Remember this is new management. We have Joe Hart too which is a huge boost in keeping a clean sheet.

An ageing Swedish side it must be said, albeit with a world class centre forward. Their loss to Ukraine makes this a must win match.

If France beat Ukraine, then England will require a win . Sweden need a win anyway to keep it til the last match.

Woy’s team seem capable of scoring first, and probably in the first half. This could open things up for an England/England or England/draw scenario.

Sweden are likely to change tactics with need being greater for them. If our back line keep Ibra quiet they we have an outstanding chance of success.

0-0 for first 15 mins perhaps? There is a whopping £10K on betfair waiting to back the 0-0. I think it could play out 0-0 for a while, but I notice that on a couple of occasions between the 20th-30th minute, England have struck.

Sweden didn’t score until the 2nd half in their first match. 1-0 in a friendly in November against Sweden could perhaps be replicated today.