Any punter on the button last night would have backed Chelsea at 3-1 once Steaua scored that away goal. Why? Well 3-1 was the bare minimum Chelsea required to go through once an away goal is scored. 2-0 was the ideal. And it must be a crazy world when Torres scores 2 goals in a match, or as is most likely, Steaua’s defence is shoite!

As I said yesterday, focus today is on weekend research. Do look out tonight for Copenhagen at home. They are the dominant Danish force and may be worth researching, particularly for you DRT’ers out there.

Anyone who joined the DRT last weekend will know that Marseille took a hit to the chin at 1.33 at home against Troyes, but ended up winning 2-1. They are surely not worth entertaining at heavy odds on tonight against Ajaccio?

Braga are 1.66 away from home, and again can be researched at in looking for a possible DRT.

See you tomorrow though.