I nailed the Bulgaria 1-0 scoreline yesterday in a day of rather unpredictable friendlies thanks to the start of the new league season this weekend. Other highlights, if you’d call it that, was Japan not losing ( although Venezuala’s price was a little high for laying) and a concerted 0-0 in the Ireland v Serbia match which I thought I read well .

What the bleep is happening with Greece? Not a dracma to their names, so they start taking it out on the pitch with 3 goals – this overs fever they have has carried on from the Euros. Normally Greece = dour defensive football.

We’ve seen it twice now. When odds are suspiciously high, something is afoot. I mentioned the Netherlands yesterday and they went on and lost 4-2 to Belgium. The market makers knew!

Yesterday I did a simple lay of Faroes v Denmark u21, back Spain, lay Cyprus and lay Panama against Portugal for an unadventurous 1.3 multiple. Spain, as ever, leave you with heart palpatations in friendlies . 1-2 was the scoreline from the 65th minute until the end of the match – and that for a 1.07 shot!!

Today’s in-play coupon is best left alone I feel. The weekend is upon us and I will not be researching  all matches in detail. Why? Well we are at the end of a transfer window. Some teams’ personnel have changed. Some teams have new managers ( and that negates previous form). Some teams are new to their Leagues ( both promoted and relegated) and we’ll not know how they’ll progress – who will be the next Norwich/Swansea?

Will the relegated sides dominate their lower leagues just as Newcastle and West Ham did in the Championship?

Women’s football dominates today in highly illiquid markets and tough to research matches. Speak to you tomorrow.