Were you taken by the collateral form between Russia u19, Wales u19 and Sweden? If so, then you’d have layed Wales when they scored first. The Ruskies went on to win. This was a great 0-0 trade as I believe it was 0-0 at halftime .

Nalchik was 0-0 at halftime too as predicted. Nalchik scored the solitary goal. Amazing that Netherlands u21 won 2-0 against Slovakia u21. That’s now 4 or 5 2-0 losses for Slovakia! Strange but true.

I made a few quid yesterday, mostly by laying Khimki at halftime and hoping their status as bottom of the league, their troubles scoring and Nalchik’s clean sheet-ery would pay off. It did.

Today we return to Internationals and a real chance to top up the betting bank with judicious betting and trading ( I only hope there’s an opportunity for another Faroes v Sweden trade!)

It’s a full day, and I’m limited time wise so I’ll be picky initially, then see how many I can review in the allotted time.

I have just lost all of my research so will try and remember my conclusions.

110pm – Brazil v Japan – 1.45 home – friendly so approach with caution. Neutral Polish venue. 3 onsecutive 1-0’s for the Japs suggest defence is their forte and will need to be. Unbeaten recent run for Japan in friendlies.

Only Argies could score agianst Brazil in last 4. If Japs score, then lay them. If 0-0 for a concerted period ( it could be) there is a chance to lay said 0-0 latish. Will the Japs continue to impress defensively?

2pm – Bosnia U19 v Kazakhstan U19 – 1.14 home – illiquid market so suggestion these odds offer little value – odds and results v Slovakia suggest Bosnia could score 4/5 here despite a recent poor winless run.

315pm – Iraq v Australia – 2.02 away- the Aussies generally, from memory, are involved in tight scoring matches. Recent Aussie loss to Jordan could see them try harder here. Poor away so far with draw and loss v Oman and Jordan. Iraq tight at home. Has the feel of a tight low scorer.  Pressure on aussies to score might see them as the first goalscorers today? Some reaction must occur surely from the 2-1 loss to Jordan?

4pm – Russia v Azerbaijan – 1.1 home – Ruskies looking good under Capello who has returned to his patented 1-0’s , which he was fond of with Eng-er-land. 3-0 defeat v Portugal who lost 1-0 to Russia suggests the Russians are capable of at least matching Portugal ( albeit priced to score more). ruskies not really known for goalscoring under Capello. Germans only beat Azer 4-0 so don’t expect more than this from the Russians. A clean sheet a very real possibility.

430pm – Switzerland U21 v Germany U21 – 1.94 away – wherever a German international side is, they are worth investigating. Dependable I think is the word. Since May 2010 the Swiss have only lost to Spain so the suggestion is vulnerability against the best. A recent 0-0 in September this year against Spain suggests an even harder night for Ze Germans.

All bar one of the Swiss’s defeats at home were when they did not score. Do the germans have the capacity to keep a clean sheet?

8 of the Swiss’s last 10 home matches have seen a clean sheet. Quite something from the tobleronites.

No defeat in 14 now for the Germans.2 consecutive score draws, a rather random 4-4 against Bosnia and another 1-1v the Swiss where the germans scored only by way of an 82nd minute penalty.

The Germans have scored 8-3-5-4 in last 4 aways and conceded 4 in 2 of last 3 aways. Blowing totally hot and cold here, but with an ability to extricate themselves when the Scheizen hits the Fan.

What do we look to today then? A replication of the oh so recent 1-1 and a promise of a concerted 0-0 again? after all the Swiss are at home now. Or is this going to be a goalfest from the Germans as their average of  nearly 5 scored each away games suggests.

It’s one for the in play traders surely with such unpredictability and , well, an ability for the Germans to equalise if going behind.


5pm – Israel v Luxembourg – 1.09 home. Israel were in Luxembourg last time and mauled them, hence the sudden shortening of their odds. 0-6 away win for Israel last time these 2 bet. Any need to really investigate further? You either take this as read, and support the 1.09 as being indicative of another 4/5 goal in to nil, or you side with a reaction by Luxembourg as this is the last match these 2 played? 

530pm – Denmark U21 v Spain U21 – 1.48 away – as with Germany , so with Spain. They tend to dominate.

6pm – Andorra v Estonia – 1.32 away – Andorra defending or Dutch complacency saw the latter win only 3-0 in Andorra’s last match. Estonia are more cautiously priced up today, suggesting an eventual win. Only 1 win for Andorra was a 2004 1-0 against Macedonia since 2000 in qualifying. The only other matches they did not lose were 0-0 draws again with Macedonia and another with Finland in 2005. 14 of last 17 matches have Andorra failed to score. Only 1 draw in 21 for Estonia suggests of course win or lose, and given Andorra’s record, well the away win it is then? Estonia’s last 2 wins were at home. Estonia have not scored in their last 3 away matches, conceding 3+. 

I would hold fire here. Estonia are poor, but Andorra are pants, and we might have to sweat it out a little before Estonia make the breakthrough and probably win to nil. I would not be putting my mortgage on such a bad team though!

6pm – Latvia v Liechtenstein – 1.26 home – 2-2-4-2 conceded in last 4 qualifiers for Latvia. They have scored in last 3 matches, 2 goals being penalties. YIKES!

Liechtenstein must be playing blindfolded if this Latvian shoite are 1.26!

Liech’s wins have come against Andorra -1-0 – San Marino 1-0 and Lithuania 2-0.  A match to avoid me thinks, despite there being no apparent reason to suggest an upset. Latvia are poor so look at unders here, a 0-0 early back to lay trade as well?

7pm – Bosnia v Lithuania – 1.23 home – Are Lithuania really in the same camp as Lux, Leich, and Andorra?

7pm – Croatia v Wales – 1.31 home – no recent draw for Wales suggests they win or lose ( most likely lose).

2-1 v Scots v lucky for Wales, 2 87th+ minute winners. Against Croats, likely to find goalscoring difficult. Croats have conceded in last 2 ( but away) and last home win was a 1-0. Not likely to be a spanking today, more likely a 1-2, 0-2 kind of scoreline.

7pm – Faroe Islands v Rep of Ireland – 1.36 away – Faroes scored first against Sweden , holding them to 0-0 for a long time. Ireland really are poor quality, there are no stars in the side, the forward line is injured or unproven and this is going to be a real struggle this evening for the Irish boys. I would not touch the irish with yours. Faroes have scored in 3 of last 5 matches and may well do again. Ireland have had trouble scoring. try a 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 for the ultra speculative given Ireland’s woes and Faroes ability to NOT get spanked at home anymore.

7pm – Romania v Netherlands – 1.86 away – I don’t think Romania are that good that Netherlands would be