ahh, ladies football, dontcha just love it! 0-0 1.07 shots Japan, 1.14 shots France win 1-0 ( and that contrarian warning I suppose came true in both of those matches.
In the Sweden match, I contended that laying Sweden was a logical choice as both teams tend to score. Well, in order to increase your returns and to limit risk, why not lay Sweden at 0-2 up , if we already have an ” angle in”?
Liability is low so it can be treated as a bet to nothing, but if it comes off, and it did yesterday with a 2-2, then you win big. Of course I cannot point this out before the match because I don’t know how the match will progress in play. I want to make you aware that this is a way to really really back/ lay with low risk high returns.

Dinamo Kiev scored 2 again in the Champions League and beat Feyenoord.Again here FEyenoord scored first and in play reactive traders could have layed Feyenoord and backed Kiev at better value odds in play. Kiev won 2-1.

Decide therefore if you want to react to events in play, having the ” angle in” you got from your research firmly in mind. In my eletter I mentioned backing Arsenal at 29/1 in play when they were 1.14 pre match. This is the real way to make huge gains and will occur throughout the season.

230pm – Brazil v New Zealand – 1.16 home – in an ideal world, as I keep saying, these 1.16 shots win by 3+ goals, but yesterday’s female antics saw 3 sub 1.2 shots score 2 goals between them all! Is this the pressure of the Olympics or the unpredictability of ladies’ football.
The men are out, Brazil are on fire, and New Zealand are gaining a reputation in the men’s and women’s game, for parking the bus and being really tough to score against. Ask Brazil ladies the other day, a 1-0 win in the 87th minute.

This is the value call -laying Brazil, backing 0-0, hoping NZ do the business defensively. If 0-0 at halftime, consider backing Brazil at much better odds. THe longer it’s 0-0, the better the odds for Brazil and therein lies the value.

5-0 to Brazil in the Olympics in 2008 and I suspect NZ have improved since then.

Brazil have scored 3 in their 2 Olympic matches but against Belarus 2 goals were scored in the 66th and 92nd minutes. Perhaps we should expect the late late Brazil show today?

belarus and Egypt scored against NZ but in the 45th and 40th minutes and then all they could muster was a goal.Belarus were soundly beaten by BRazil, as were Egypt.
I don’t know the permutations here, perhaps that is a reason why the Ladies underperformed yesterday.

As ever 1.16 signals 3 goals again for Brazil. Do they need to win? That’s the question. Look for late goals if it’s tight, and hope for a 0-0 for at least 35 minutes. 0-0 will be priced high and is a bet/trade to nothing given this is a mismatch. The angle in for valueseekers relies on NZ’s defence doing what it did against Spain the the World Cup in South Africa.

4pm – Cambuur v AZ Alkmaar – 1.38 away – 2 1-1 draws so far for Cambuur – can we lay the draw today? The probability of another 1-1 reduces with each consecutive match. It signals an inability to keep a clean sheet.
2 consecutive draws in all competitions at home.

5 July 2012 friendlies so far for AZ and it’s WDWLL – losses 1-2 and 1-4 against Instanbul BB and Majorca. AZ have scored in all of their friendlies so far.

Last 8 friendlies for AZ have had 2 goals or over, 6 of them had over 2.5 goals. AZ have scored in their last 18 friendlies.

Angle in? Well, if a concerted 0-0, back AZ at better odds to open the scoring. If Cambuur score first, then this is an ideal time to lay Cambuur and/or back AZ a goal down. The inference is that AZ should score again as they seem to score in friendlies.

5pm – BATE Borisov v Debrecen – 1.85 home -Champions League. – possibility that BATE are having trouble scoring. Last 3 scorelines 0-0, 3-2 win, 0-0. Bear with me here. In the 3-2 , they scored 2 goals in the 90th + minute which suggests their opponents lost concentration more than BATE deserving such a comprehensive looking win. They were 1-2 down in the 89th minute!

DDWD in last 4 matches.

In last 13 matches at home in all competitions, only one draw, a 0-0.
3-2 home win and 0-0 away v Vardar last 2 2012 CL matches. BATE are experienced in the CL and that may count for them.Only recent losses v Barcelona and PLzen at home. Drew 1-1 with Milan and if that can be replicated tonight, then opposition can be layed.

Debrecen used to winning domestically.Lost 1-0 against korce last CL round – who the feck are korce? Last in the Champions league in 2010 . 9 losses, a draw, and 2 wins suggest they will struggle as the rounds progress.

I am a little retiscent about BATE tonight as they seem to be struggling with goals . 1.85 a little high to lay. 0-0 backable I suppose here in the hope this remains 0-0 for a while and BATE continue to struggle to score.
5 defeats and a 1-1 draw ( 90th minute Debrecen equaliser) in their last 6 CL matches away suggests that Debrecen struggle away.

Debrecen may not score today so perhaps a to nil scoreline for valueseekers in a match which does not excite.