I did fear for Arsenal but conceding 3 away goals. Surely Wenger has been leading the Arse to too many false dawns? Back to Grampus 8 with you!!

Leicester lost to Charlton, and if you read the research you know that Charlton were unbeaten in last 3 head to heads. 2 of the 3 goals came in the 2nd half.

745pm – AC Milan v Barcelona – 1.52 away – 2-3-0-3 scored by Barca in 2011/2012 head to heads.

Milan have scored and conceded in 8 of the last 10 matches and that’s not good news for tonight.

6 consecutive wins at home, and conceded in last 5 wins. 4 consecutive 2-1 wins and it would just be such an anomoly to expect another 2-1 scoreline for the home side.

Only 3 wins in last 13 in CL is poor going, the last 2 wins were away wins.  Looking at 2 CL matches with Barca, and Barca scored 6 goals yes, but 3 were penalties, and one an own goal. If Milan can tighten that defensive discipline, then we may be looking at a tighter match that the 6 goals in last 2 meetings would have us believe.

A change of tack at home? Last 4 home CLmatches 0-0 v Barca, 0-0 v Anderlecht, 1-1 v malaga and  0-1loss to Zenit. A strong focus on defending and not conceding more than 1.

No win in last 4 at home.

3 draws and a loss in last 8 most unlike Barca., 2 of those matches were cup compettions.

barca have conceded in their last 7 matches away and in last 5 it’s LWDDW

Barca could be vulnerable away in the CL -0-0, 1-0, 0-2, 2-1, 0-3 recent scorelines, a draw 2 defeats .

There is a glimmer of hope for Milan this evening. Barca are not the best travellers and defeats the Chelsea and CEltic could instil come confidence in Milan.

745pm – Galatasaray v Schalke – 2.12 home – this is not  a match I have an opinion on I’m afraid. It is as difficult to fathom as the odds suggest. I will be waiting for 2nd leg for this one.

Another quiet day , and more toughies . Milan v barcelona is full of conflicts. Milan and Barca sides overall scoring and conceding as a habit, but Milan at home conceded 0-0-1-1 last 4 matches in the Cl and Barca had 4/5 aways where only 1 team scored. What on earth do we make of the losses to Chelsea and Celtic?