I love it when a plan comes together. The Ronaldo score first/ Portugal win scorecast paid out – which was very pleasing – as was a successful 0-0 back to lay trade (at last; the Irish have rather let me down on that front this Tournament!)

7.45pm – Germany v Greece – 1.34 home. If the Greeks can afford to splash out on 2 or 3 buses this evening, then they’ll surely park them in front of their goal!

Le’s be a little cliched here.

Germany – efficient – full of goals – usually overs.

Greece – dull, dour, defensive, will happily nick a 1-0 and park more buses than the National Express.

Who will out today?

Against teams with good defensive records, Germany took 72 minutes to score (that was Portugal), against Netherlands and Denmark – who are less proficient at the back – they scored earlier and scored 2 goals.

Greece were undone by 3rd and 6th minute goals playing against the Czechs, which is most unlike them.

They conceded early too against Poland, which again (like Ireland) is most un-Greek. Normally they are bang on for a ‘0-0 back pre match and stay in for a while to trade out.’

But what do we make of these early concessions? Surely a team of Germany’s calibre must be able to take advantage of early lapses in Greek concentration as has occurred twice in 3 matches this tournament?

Greece have only conceded 2+ goals in 2 of their last 24 matches. Will that count for something against ze Germans? Perhaps the 1-2 defeat by Spain in 2008 is a pointer to tonight? 2 goals conceded in the 2nd half.

My concerns are with those early concessions for Greece this tournament – so my favoured 0-0 back pre-match to trade back later would be a little ropey.

As the Racing Post rightly says, logic points to Germany, their 2-0 scoreline sounds about right although I might add a 2-1 there as Greece somehow keep scoring goals in matches. They have scored in their last 12.

The Portuguese match was great for waiting and watching and getting involved at halftime. I think a look at the German team in the early part of the match would determine bets. The value lies in the correct score bets I feel and maybe laying the halftime scoreline if it is tight.

Those trusting the Greek chariots to keep the ball out, back 0-0, lay Germany for trading purposes only.