Wins to nil for Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, England, Turkey Netherlands always makes it easier when you are having a correct score punt as you only have the scorelines to nil to choose from ( normally up to 9 unless you’re Egypt!).

Today is a low key day for me. I want to take a break from weekend research which consumes my weekend, while I have the chance . The big day was yesterday and we have a spattering of matches of interest. Rangers continue to be decidedly iffy in all aspects and 1.14 is eminently layable, if you treat it as a lost bet. As you can see reading below, there’s no real matches of interest. Argies already won, guess what, to nil! ( 3-0) so the shorties and wins to nil really worked , bar Spain and France, those cheese eating surrender monkeys.

As you can see, no point doing DRT tonight. DRT yesterday – well a standout with Israel v Portugal. Portugal equalised in the 93rd minute.

With so many wins to nil there was limited opportunity for apparent shocks.

So put your feet up this weekend, turn off the laptop and go out and have a snowball fight!



Midnight – Argentina v Venezuela – 1.14 home

2am – USA v Costa Rica – 1.65 home

12pm – Indonesia v Saudi Arabia – 1.46 away

12pm – Rangers v Stirling – 1.14 home

3pm – Morton v Cowdenbeath – 1.47 home

3pm – Swindon v Notts Co – 1.66 home

330pm – Academica v Benfica – market not formed yet. I am a little suspicious here as Portugal play earlier on and I am sure a side as strong as Benfica will have a few players on International Duty with various countries. You don’t go a full season unbeaten and scoring in all matches without having some international players in your ranks!

430pm – Cyprus v Switzerland – 1.58 away

5pm – Manisaspor v Goztepe – 1.64 home


Nothing of interest.