Thankfully I’m not using an Ipad to write today. Yesterday’s post read like it was written by my 3 year old nephew.

Laying 1-0 Spain at halftime eventually paid off thanks to Alonso in the 92nd minute.

another low scoring quarter final, and low scoring 1st halves have really characterised these quarter finals so far. 1-0 the biggest score so far at halftime if memory serves.

Here we have an Italian side barely recognisable from the defensive sides of yore. But still , despite renewed attacking flare, we have an Italy still able to defend.

First goal in Italy matches have all been scored post 35 minutes. 30-23-48 – no not Colleen Rooney’s measurements, these are the goal times in England’s last 3 matches.

You rather get the feeling this match will revert to quarter final type. 2 teams who dare not concede first . Again there may be leverage in a 0-0 back to lay for 20 minutes (cue 19th minute goal!)

Those of you with Fairbot can “variable dutch” the halftime correct score market, leaving a break even on 0-0 and £12 profit on 1-0 or 0-1 – this costs £21 and has a great chance of coming in.

Will England score early? I don’t think so. Will Pirlo be kept under control?

Perhaps delayed entry will work here. It’s an intriguing match and there may be an early pattern to play. It has helped seeing teams play – Portugal were dominant in the first half without scoring and were a good halftime punt at better odds than pre match.

It’s a toughie. Under 2.5 goals at 1.54 might be tradable until around the 1/2 hour mark. The more speculative could try under 1.5 goals at 2.58 for the first half hour to trade out at 30 minutes – as teams tend to score in the last quarter of an hour of the first half IF there is to be a 1st half goal.