In play Bettors – you’d better have cleaned up yesterday or quite frankly there’s no hope!

Man Utd 0-2 down. Barca 0-1 down. Juve 0-1 down, and how about a 1.08 lay of Barcelona? Fantastic stuff from Celtic, scoring first. That’s all we needed for an unlikely winning 1.08 lay trade.

Celtic were 45/1 with Victor Chandler yesterday, standout amongst the bookies. The obviously wanted a little bit of business. If you see a stand out bookie with odds way out of kilter with the rest, back the team, and try to lay off on Betfair at lower odds. Rarely will a team go off at 46 on Betfair in the Champions League.

In instances like Man Utd’s , who go 0-2 down, I suppose, like me, you pounced after the first goal. Alas, Braga scored the 2nd goal, so I pounced again. 70 minutes of the match remain, and research showed that since 2003 United lost only 2 at home in the CL, 0-1. Highly unlikely United would lose this match. Admittedly it is difficult to gauge when a team goes 0-2 up, I suppose it’s down to faith in the research.

Fair dos to the bookies for calling the Shaktar match correctly. I thought this current crop of Chelsea players would be far too strong.

Juventus are in deep doo doo now with consecutive draws, and while I’m praising, well done to the Racing Post who pointed to Nordsj as being no push overs. They scored first.

I have to take my girlfriend to hospital today ( ¬†should be a psychiatrist – she needs her brain examined hanging around with me!) I don’t expect this to take too long so I hope to be back in time for a look at this evening’s football.

Will we get as much in play joy this evening? And faith sometimes in the research ( Celtic 1-1 and 1-0 v Barca recently!!)