You’ll be pleased to know I’ve sent my girlfriend and her family on a factfinding mission to the North Pole, in order that I can do some fecking football research!

7PM – B Munich v Wolfsburg – 1.21 HOME – usually ultra reliable at home, the question is whether we can crack the code and look for a value punt. Bayern have not lost the last 6 head to heads, winning 5 of them. All matches have been a 1 goal in it match bar  a Bayern 2-0 win.

3-6-3-2 scored by bayern so far in 4 wins, 2 at home have both seen a single goal conceded ( one a penalty). This might scupper the win to nil enhanced correct score bet,  as perhaps do the head to heads which generally indicate a one goal in it scenario ( yes 1-0 is a one goal in it which precludes the opponent from scoring).

All matches would have been successful over 2.5 goals trades ( 2 goals against Schalke came before the hour mark) – in fact total goals are 3-7-4-2

Wolf have trouble scoring. A 0-1 away win at Stuttgart came care of a 90th minute goal and their only other goal was in a 1-1 home draw. WLDD so far

Bayern are devastating before and after halftime scoring 10 in total so far, so if it’s quiet early diana dors, then look to back Bayern to score in the 1/2 hour+ mark, or if 0-0 halftime, they should score in the 1/4 hour after halftime.

Wolf have trouble scoring and Bayern have trouble not scoring, and as I say a win to nil will enhance the odds, but head to heads have seen Wolf score in 4 of last 6 meetings.

9 goals in 2 at home so far, and 3 minimum could be likely again with bayern in this form. No injury information to hand.

7pm – Eintracht Frankfurt v Dortmund – 1.82 away – Dortmund lost their last away match 3-2 and need to win straightaway as nearest rival Bayern have a very winnable match at home.

Great start to the season for the home side with 4 wins out of 4, although they have conceded in 3 of those wins and against a Side like Dortmund, that could be costly.

2-1 and 3-2 at home signal potential tight affair if Frankfurt win again. Dortmund are obviously strong at home with 2 wins but a draw and loss away signals potential problems on the road. It is no surprise given the mental home support they get.

Dortmund have scored their first away goals at around the 40 minute mark and conceded first in both away matches before scoring the next goal. This is good news to enhanced traders because it signals a degree of confidence that we can lay opposition or back Dort if home side score first.

both sides look likely to score today. General trend of unders at home head to heads and overs when Dortmund are at home in head to heads.

Dortmund are slipping up away from home and a need to win might produce goals for us this evening. As Frankfurt look so strong, a neutral bet such as goals might be the way to go.

7pm – Schalke v Mainz – 1.56 home – 2 penalties and 2 home goals against a poor Augsburg signal that Mainz have trouble scoring from open play.those 2 penalties coincidentally came in their 2 away matches.

Both teams have played the same 3 teams in their first 4 matches.

Schalke WWL

Mainz WLL

Both teams beat Augsburg as expected and it seems advantage Schalke. Schalke have not scored or conceded in the first halfhour so far this season. Will this continue or will this end today? Highly likely to end, but you delayers perhaps wait til the halfhour mark before getting involved in goals bets,

745pm – Celtic v Raith – 1.16 home – 1.16 usually signals 3/4 goals  and a possible win to nil.CIS Insurance cup. Only 1 win in last 4 for Celtic was a 2-0 home win last match. Celtic have only lost 3 times in the league cup at home, twice against Hearts and once against Kilmarnock. We could expect a win to nil here. It has occured quite a lot in League cup matches at home against none SPL teams.Raith though have had a habit of scoring against SPL teams in the league cup away from home.

Not a match I am enamoured by. You could see Celtic struggling early on, which might suggest a throw away lay at 1.16. Highly likely though that if the team is strong, they can score 2 or 3 minimum.

745pm – Chelsea v Wolves – 1.25 home – League Cup and team news as ever key for Chelsea today. Chelsea have only lost 2 League Cup matches since 2004 in the League cup IN 90 MINUTES! Those 3 words are key.These 2 defeats  against Newcastle and Liverpool. 2 defeats in last 3 home League cup matches were the aforementioned Premiership clashes.

Wolves have scored 2 in their last 3 matches , all wins , so are in decent nick at the moment. What priority they place on a League Cup run interfering with returning to the Premiership is anyone’s guess. I know what I would focus on?

Wolves have not beaten a Premiership team in this competition recently, but have scored 2 goals twice against Man Utd and Man city recently. A sincere hope that they score first against Chelsea to allow for trading.  League Cup not top of my list of matches to get involved with, apart from delay-react-trading.