More great research yesterday, and these are only friendlies! Thanks to for my ability to look at friendly form in isolation.

Olympic Ladies stand out today, and they have been more predictable than the Olympic mens’ teams.

Elsewhere it’s domestic action from lowly leagues .

130pm – Celtic v Inter – 2.04 away. Knee jerk reaction? Inter Milan at 2.04 against a Scottish gift is Christmas come early under normal circumstances. Celtic have only won 1 of their last 6 friendlies, a 1-2 away win against the might of, erm, Aalen ( whoever they are!).
Celtic have lost to Norwich, Stuttgart kickers,and Ajax. They were well beaten by Ajax, and INter are easily a step up.

Celtic have only won 1 of their last 9 friendlies and this time last year, almost to the day, Inter beat Celtic 2-0 at Inter.

Celtic have lost their last 4 friendlies at home, latterly 0-2 v Wolves and 0-1 v Norwich. An inability to score there, and today they play Italian defensive masters!

From a sequential perspective, Celtic cannot keep losing friendlies at home.

Inter have only played one match pre season and it was a 2-3 away win against COmo ( Perry Como?). Little to go on there then.

their last 3 friendlies have seen opposition score 3-2-2 and the results -draw-draw-win. It would seem Inter like to let their hair down in friendlies . Can we trust CEltic to score? They were unable against Norwich and Wolves, teams Inter would comfortably beat in competition.

We have here, therefore, a Celtic side seeking to end 4 consecutive defeats at home in friendlies, against an Inter side we cannot really judge because they have only had the one match against como pre season, but whose history points to over 3.5 goals and allowing opponents a chance to score.

Which will it be today? Tough to judge for me because of Inter’s lack of recent friendlies.

2pm – FC Copenhagen v AaB – 1.52 home

215 pm – Hertha Berlin v Juventus – 1.96 away

230pm – New Zealand (W) v Brazil (W) – 1.13 away – my contention still stands. Brazil, Germany and USA likely to dominate again. New Zealand seemed to have parked the Kiwi bus against Great Britain who managed a tough 1-0 home win in the first match. only seem to be concentrating on Olympics men in their stats page so a quick sojourn to

The last time these 2 met was in 2007 and it was a 0-5 win for Brazil. 1.13 recounts more of the same alas for the Kiwi ladies.
New Zealand kept it 0-0 til the 64th minute against Great Britain, but they have not played any of the power houses in their last 12 matches ( France, Germany, USA, Brazil) so I cannot gauge how they set up against the best. One would suspect it’s a containment job.

Brazil have not had a draw in their last 11 matches in all competitions and have won their last 4 against Brazil u20, Colombia, Cameroon, Canada scoring 2+ in each.

1.13 signals 4 goals minimum and a possible win to nil. I think Brazil will have the lioness’s share of possession and therefore make it tough for New Zealand to score – you can’t score if you don’t have the ball.

3pm – Southampton v Ajax – 2.22 away – there are other selected friendlies today but this is the next match which caught my eye and my knee jerk reaction would be to look for goals given the respective reputations of both sides. Saints are back in the Premiership and will be looking to make a mark at home infront of adoring support.

Only 1 draw ( 2-2) in last 13 in all competitions for the Saints.

They scored in all of last 10 home matches.
So far this pre season, it’s a 1-4 away win against Etoile Carouge, and a 0-1 away win against Evian.
No home matches yet.

No draw in the last 23 in all competitions for Ajax. They have won their last 19 matches, and for me winning streaks take on added signficance for the team in the middle of one. They want to keep that winning streak going regardless of the competition ( or lack of it in this case).

In all of those matches, the maximum conceded in any one game is 1 goal.

5 match winning streak in friendlies includes a recent 4-0 win over Celtic and the last 5 scorelines have been 1-3, 0-5, 1-5, 0-8, 0-4. Ajax are still working on solidifying that defence in friendlies.

Last 2 friendly draws have been 0-0 and that could be a saver , although I would expect goals.

Ajax have won 6 of their last 7 away friendlies.

It is tough to read. How good are Southampton when compared to a Dutch top flight team?

How significant is that winning run and how will it motivate the Dutch to keep it up.

Defence seems to be key here. I cannot see Saints scoring more than 1 -Ajax have not conceded more than 1 in last 23 matches. ergo, lay Saints. I don’t know what kind of Saints side will be played either which makes it more unreadable!!

Logic dictates goals and a possible scoreline which includes 1 Saints goal?