Well, tell me, did anyone have the kahunas to stay in a 0-0 back to lay trade til at least the 2nd half or further into the match? It went as predicted. Ronaldo largely nullified, and only threatening from set pieces, Spain’s defence as solid as usual, and they hogged possession.
0-0 it stayed.

And today we have a massive game, yes Guernsey v Jersey ! It’s on Betfair, and Guernsey is my home island. I wanted to offer you some insider information and was going to be really strong on Guernsey, as they have entered the FA and played a full season, winning a combined counties league by a country mile! But this is a developmental squad (see here) so I would be very reluctant to back them.

A real pity as if it was the first team, they would have won this match easily and, at the prices available, it would have been a steal!

Oh well, off to Germany v Italy. We’ve seen 2 consecutive 0-0 matches now, latterly 0-0 England v Italy. While the Italians are far more adventurous than in the past, their national characteristic to defend and keep it tight remains in tact. 1-1-0-0 conceded in last 4 matches with Spain taking until the 64th minute and Croatia until the 72nd minute.

To keep Spain out, indeed to score first, is the highlight here.

As to Germany, in stark contrast, their last 3 matches have been over 2.5 goals. It only took them 39 minutes to break down dour defensive outfit Greece.

But Italy are a step above in the ‘dour and defensive’ department and are unlikely to concede 4 goals as Greece did.

The German coach, Yo! Ack him loooooove! is likely to make changes again. He changed the forward line specifically against the Greeks, so any entry into this match might have to be with team news to hand.

Logic again points to the Italians parking the bus and they are so adept at this.

The last 6 head to head matches have been under 2.5 goals in 90 minutes. Most recently, Feb 2011 saw a 1-1 with a 17th minute German breakthrough.
This is reflective of what they managed against defensive Greece.
The threat is obviously there that an early goal can be attained by the Germans.
I would consider 0-0 and 1-0 Germany as a halftime score dutch with this scenario hopefully played out. Yes, Italy scored first against the Spanish, but that was a 2nd half breakthrough.

If this is a prolonged 0-0 match, I would look to lay 0-0 in the 80th minute for a value lay. There is too much attacking talent on display and Germany have shown they can score early(ish) against defensive sides. The renewed Italian attacking prowess may help in the goal stakes.

My main bet is 0-0, 1-0 Germany halftime goal score bet here, scuppered of course by an Italian goal. Odds a bit crap. It pays the equivalent of a 1/2 bet

Remember that odds on shots have been layable ONLY AS A TRADING OPTION in this competition. Note these words! The odds on price has risen in nearly all matches this tournament allowing for a back to lay trade. This, I suppose , can continue especially as we have Italian defence to help us keep the match scoreless.

I would venture a 0-0 back to lay for the 1st 20 minutes then play it by ear. As mentioned earlier, Germany have scored early against Italy recently (17th minute) and against Greece (39th minute).

Looking at the teamsheets, Gomez, Ballotelli, Ozil, Klose, Pirlo, I may lay 0-0 if that is the halftime score and hope for some action.
Sequentially too, 0-0 has occurred in 2 consecutive Euro matches. What chance 0-0 again? The Germans simply don’t do defensive football do they?