United continued their record of scoring in all at home which is something you should have taken advantage of as City scored first.

Porto won a must win, scoring 2 goals+ as predicted. Braga got a goal


Tonight sees the ” 2nd half” of the Champions League matches.

745pm – Dortmund v Malaga – 1.43 home – 0-0 from the first leg means that it is advantage Malaga really. If Malaga score, a score draw will suffice. Suddenly though the market expects Dortmund with their superb home support to do the goalscoring. 2-1 minimum for Dortmund to go through in 90 minutes IF Malaga score. 1-0 is fine too. 

expect that rearguard action from Dortmund. malaga can concede 1 minimum but if they score the same as they concede they are through.

An intriguing match where any more research is redundant.

745pm – Galatasaray v Real Madrid – 1.76 away. As easy as you like for Real at home with a 3-0 lead. NO away goal for Galatasary makes it extremely difficult.

As I have repeated in the past, a 3-0 ” halftime” lead is always layable. If this were 90 minutes and 3-0 we’d get lower than 1.76 for sure.

Real just need 1 away goal really to make this beyond doubt.  Not much else we can do here. gala have the personnel up front. I could see gala getting 2 tonight, but Real nailing an away goal and securing qualification. Pure speculation of course. I suppose the Dortmund match may be more clear cut.

And that’s it tonight, your opinion rather than any research will determine your angles in. If Real score first, I would lay them tonight as they might take their foot off the pedal.