I did not get involved in Sparta Prague’s match, despite them keeping another clean sheet against Ostrava and winning 2-0. I did get involve in Helsinki’s match, but only after helsinki scored. The reason? Remember , research told us that Honka tend to win when they keep a clean sheet. They kept a clean sheet in the first half, ergo they were realistically in with a chance!

Slim picking yesterday.

Today I am afraid my home internet is down, the swear jar has been filled believe me. In fact the swear jar has been shouting at me to ” give us yer f*cking money”.

Anyway I am at a Star*ucks and their internet does not allow me access to Betfair. I can access Betfair.es , the spanish site, but am finding it difficult to find the Tuesday In Play Coupon.

To cut a long story short, I may not be able to research today. From what I can gather, we are not missing anything today of any great importance. Apologies for an interrupted service today. I do hope my internet will be repaired in time for tomorrow.