SUNDAY – I cannot get Betfair Sunday inplay coupon up so will use Ladbrokes coupon.

1245pm – Dundee v Dundee United – 1.9 away – Scottish Cup


09.12.2012 PR Dundee FC 0-3 Dundee United
19.08.2012 PR Dundee United 3-0 Dundee FC
14.07.2012 CF Dundee FC 0-3 Dundee United
10.11.2009 CF Dundee United 3-1 Dundee FC
30.04.2005 PR Dundee FC 1-2 Dundee United
29.01.2005 PR Dundee United 2-2 Dundee FC

1245pm – Servette FC v FC Basel – 1.61 away

2pm-Fiorentina v Chievo – 1.44 home


21.10.2012 D1 ChievoVerona 1-1 Fiorentina
01.04.2012 D1 Fiorentina 1-2 ChievoVerona
06.11.2011 D1 ChievoVerona 1-0 Fiorentina
13.03.2011 D1 ChievoVerona 0-1 Fiorentina
07.11.2010 D1 Fiorentina 1-0 ChievoVerona
25.04.2010 D1 Fiorentina 0-2 ChievoVerona
If we look solely at head to heads, then we see tight matches, tighter than a 1.44 home quote would suggest.
LEAGUE POSITION – 6th v 15th
HOME TEAM – -past fixtures, forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Fiorentina
RECENT HOME FORM – WWDWWWWDWLDWW-only 1 loss at home was against 2nd bottom strangely enough! Outside of the top 2, They have scored 2+ goals in all matches bar 2.
RECENT FORM OVERALL -DDLWWLLDLWLWL – a little inconsistent of late . Last 4 defeats though came away from home. A 1-1 with Chievo from earlier in the season.
GOAL TRENDS – 46% overs at home. Have scored 8 and conceded 1 in first 1/2 hour at home. Have scored first in 10/13 at home. Opponent has led at halftime in only 1 match at home.  Only 2 clean sheets in last 16 so vulnerable. have failed to score in only 3 this season..
STREAKS – no draw in 5 overall.
AWAY TEAM – past fixtures -forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Chievo
RECENT AWAY FORM -LLLLLLWWLLWLL – no draw away because they lose. Wins v 3rd, 13th and 17th. Against top 7 away it’s LLWLLL. Chievo did score in defeat v 4th, 5th and 7th
RECENT OVERALL FORM -WWWLWLDWLLDL – Last 3 Chievo wins have been 1-0 so perhaps have that as a saver given the apparent tightness of head to heads.
GOAL TRENDS – 46% overs away from home. Concede 2.23 away on average. All defeats bar 1 away, Chievo conceded 2+ goals. Scored 1st in only 3/13 home matches. Led at halftime away in only 1/13.
STREAKS – 13 away without a draw.
CONCLUSION/NOTES/STANDOUT STATS – Chievo haven’t drawn away yet, suggesting a defeat rather than a win. Head to heads though are tight. Chievo have tended to win 1-0 when they win so that, as a saver, might be worthwhile.Fiorentina have scored 2+ goals generally outside the top 2 at home. Tend to score first. The stats suggest Fiorentina able to score 2 goals as they do at home and as Chievo tend to concede 2. Chievo unlikely to be leading at halftime.

2pm – Catania v Inter -2.5 home – that’s a surprise playing Inter Milan ( or is it, with the Champions League I alluded to earlier?) Just as with the Ajax match yesterday where I thought Ajax was a big price, so too Inter look a big price.


21.10.2012 D1 Inter Milano 2-0 Calcio Catania
04.03.2012 D1 Inter Milano 2-2 Calcio Catania
15.10.2011 D1 Calcio Catania 2-1 Inter Milano
22.05.2011 D1 Inter Milano 3-1 Calcio Catania
09.01.2011 D1 Calcio Catania 1-2 Inter Milano
12.03.2010 D1 Calcio Catania 3-1 Inter Milano
Inter have scored 2 in 4 of last 5 H2H
HOME TEAM – -past fixtures, forthcoming fixtures and likely team – catania
RECENT HOME FORM – WDWWLWWLWDWWW -only defeats at home v 1st and 3rd see Catania having a good season. Outside the top 3, it’s WWWWWD(0-0)WWWW .  No wonder Inter are at the price they are?
RECENT FORM OVERALL – WLLWWLDWWWLDWW -4 of last 4 defeats came away . Clearly vulnerable away with 2-0 losses v top 6 including against Inter.
GOAL TRENDS – 54% overs at home. Have only conceded 3 in 1st half at home. Scored 11 in last 1/2 hour at home. 70% of scored and conceded home action occurs 2nd half.Score 1st in 1/2 of home matches. Lead at halftime in only 4/13 at home.
STREAKS – 5 at home without defeat. 3 match home winning streak
AWAY TEAM – past fixtures -forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Inter Milan – Spurs on the 7th March in the Europa League
RECENT AWAY FORM – WWWWWWLLLLDLL- poor recent form. Against top 10, struggled v 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th BUT beat 1st and 3rd away.
RECENT OVERALL FORM -WWLDLWDDLWLD – only 1 win last 6. at home to Chievo. Have only beaten 15th and 19th recently. What’s up with Inter?
GOAL TRENDS – 54% overs away from home. Opponent scored first in 8/13 aways, Inter lead at halftime in 5/13 aways – Have scored and conceded in last 6 matches, winning 1. Only failed to score in 4 all season.
STREAKS – have conceded in last 9 aways and last 6 overall. Have scored in last 7 overall and conceded in last 6 overall.
CONCLUSION/NOTES/STANDOUT STATS -Inter seem to be in trouble. What’s with the LLLLDLL away after WWWWWW to start the season? Only 1 win in last 6 and last 2 wins v 15th and lower clubs. Inter do tend to score and have scored and conceded recently.Catania are rock solid at home outside the top 3, but have a history of conceding at least 2 to Inter. Will that really continue the form inter are (not!!) in?Inter have only failed to score in 4 this season so might get a negative result while still scoring.

230pm –Hoffenheim v Bayern Munich -1.25 away


06.10.2012 D1 Bayern München 2-0 Hoffenheim
10.03.2012 D1 Bayern München 7-1 Hoffenheim
01.10.2011 D1 Hoffenheim 0-0 Bayern München
12.02.2011 D1 Bayern München 4-0 Hoffenheim
21.09.2010 D1 Hoffenheim 1-2 Bayern München
15.01.2010 D1 Bayern München 2-0 Hoffenheim
4 clean sheets in  6 and Bayern clearly dominant.
LEAGUE POSITION – 17th v 1st.
HOME TEAM – -past fixtures, forthcoming fixtures and likely team -Hoffenheim
RECENT HOME FORM – LWDDWLLLLDWL -wins against 5th, 7th and 9th. Have lost at home to 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Have scored and conceded in 5 out of 6 home matches played v top 9. 2 out of 3 draws were 0-0.
RECENT FORM OVERALL – LLLLLLDLWLLL- only 1 recent win in 13 was 2-1 at home to 5th.
GOAL TRENDS-75% overs at home. Concede an average of 2 goals home and away. Have conceded 14 at home in first half .Have scored first in only 2/12 at home and led at halftime in only 1/12. Only 3 clean sheets all season. Have failed to score in 2 of last 3.
STREAKS – No draw in 5 overall. Have conceded in last 5 overall.
AWAY TEAM – past fixtures -forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Bayern -Bayern’s next Champions League match is on the 13th March 2013 so they should have a strong team out for this match. Concern is complacency.
RECENT AWAY FORM – WWWWWDWWWWW – only draw was a 1-1 v 14th. That was the only goal conceded by Bayern away .A win to nil therefore may be an option.
RECENT OVERALL FORM -WWDWWDWDWWWWWW – 15 of the last 16 wins have been without conceding. 3 draws all season were 1-1 .
GOAL TRENDS – 36% overs is obvious given only 1 goal conceded away. Have scored in all matches this season so if 0-0 late on, you know what to do. Have scored first obviously in 11/11 aways. No opponent has led away at halftime.
STREAKS -11 away without defeat. Scored in last 11 away and last 23 . 5 consecutive clean sheets away. 6 match winning streak overall.
CONCLUSION/NOTES/STANDOUT STATS -Losses for home side against top 4 should continue and a possible win to nil given Bayern have conceded just one away all season and scored in all matches all season.Beware overs , because you feel Bayern will settle for a 0-2.  Hoff concede an average of 2 at home so that fits in. No Champions League distractions for bayern should add to the confidence.

4pm – Tottenham v Arsenal – 2.25 home – again the Arse and the Champions League. Mullered by Bayern. Laaaandan derby pearly kings and queens eels for breakfast shut it you slaaaag , you ain’t my Mother, It’s all abaaaat famly etc etc.


17.11.2012 PR Arsenal FC 5-2 Tottenham
26.02.2012 PR Arsenal FC 5-2 Tottenham
02.10.2011 PR Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal FC
20.04.2011 PR Tottenham 3-3 Arsenal FC
20.11.2010 PR Arsenal FC 2-3 Tottenham
21.09.2010 LC Tottenham 1-4 AET Arsenal FC
Overs anyone? 6-6-3-7-7- in last 5 head to heads. If this finishes 5-2 to Arsenal for the 3rd consecutive match, I’ll walk down the high street in a mini skirt and close cropped blouse for 2 weeks!!
HOME TEAM – -past fixtures, forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Spurs – play Inter on the 7th March
RECENT HOME FORM – DDWWLLWWWDWDW-home defeats to 3rd and 17th. Only played 2 of top 6, draw with 1st and loss 2-4 to 3rd. Undefeated in 7 at home.
RECENT FORM OVERALL – WWWLWDWWWDDDWWW – great recent form, only Everton with 2 90 minute goals have beaten Spurs of late.
GOAL TRENDS – 46% overs at home. 75% of home goals scored 2nd half. Scored 12 directly after halftime. Score first in 7/13 at home. Lead at halftime in only 2/13 at home. Bale more devastating away than at tome. 11 of his 15 goals have come away.  BAle has scored in last 4 matches. If I were an ARSEne I would look to keep him off the ball. Stop Bale and you stop Spurs’ most recent goal threat. Spurs have only failed to score in 3 all season . 5 clean sheets in last 11. Have scored and conceded in 6 of the last 8 matches.
STREAKS – 7 at home without defeat, 11 overall. Scored and conceded in last 3 at home. Scored in last 5 overall.
AWAY TEAM – past fixtures -forthcoming fixtures and likely team-Arsenal – facing a big match with Bayern but not for another week.
RECENT AWAY FORM – DWDWLLDDWWDLW -defeats away have come against 1st and 3rd ( 2-1) and lost 1-0 to Norwich
RECENT OVERALL FORM – LWWWWDLLWDWWW – recent defeats v City and Chelsea so not losing to teams they shouldn’t of late. Arsenal have only scored 1 max in 5 of last 6 matches.
GOAL TRENDS – 31% overs away from home. Only conceded 3 in 2nd half away all season. Scored first in 5/13 aways and led at HT in 3/13 only. Cazorla and Walcott key away goalscorers.  Only failed to score in 4 of last 25. 2 clean sheets in last 3.
STREAKS -scored in last 6 away and last 6 overall.
CONCLUSION/NOTES/STANDOUT STATS – must factor in the London derby status here.Spurs are obviously in fine form and surely they will not concede 5 for the 2nd consecutive match. Head to heads point to both of these 2 scoring despite a low goals trend % for the Arse. 75% of Spurs goals 2nd half so if relatively quiet first half, get stuck in. Total goals amazing for these 2 in head to heads. Spurs only lead at home in 2/13 at home so is this a sign that they might not be the halftime leaders. Should be a cracker. Spurs have a minor distraction on the 7th but that is a good time away.

4pm – Marseille v Troyes – 1.4 home – brain dead Barton’s boys very short.


21.10.2012 D1 Troyes AC 1-0 Olympique Marseille
21.04.2007 D1 Olympique Marseille 2-1 Troyes AC
25.11.2006 D1 Troyes AC 1-1 Olympique Marseille
05.02.2006 D1 Troyes AC 0-1 Olympique Marseille
18.09.2005 D1 Olympique Marseille 2-1 Troyes AC
12.04.2003 D1 Troyes AC 0-0 Olympique Marseille
2 2-1 wins at home and all in all tight matches with 1 goal in it. This might make that 1.4 layable if we can hope for a tight Troyes
LEAGUE POSITION – 4th v 20th. A win takes Marseille 3rd, and a win takes Troyes off the bottom.
HOME TEAM – -past fixtures, forthcoming fixtures and likely team- Marseille
RECENT HOME FORM – WWWDDWLLWWLW-2 2-2 draws at home v 1st and 5th. Lost 1-0 to 2nd bottom at home and lost 0-1 to Troyes last time they met earlier in the season. A real concern that a parking of Le Bus might scupper Marseille against the real strugglers. 1-0 wins against 18th at home and 19th away exacerbate the argument. 3 of Marseille’s last 4 homes have been 1-0, 3-2, 0-1 and 1-0.
RECENT FORM OVERALL – LWLWWWLWDLDWL -inconsistent overall. WLD in turn. Last 4 Marseille have scored 0-1-1-0.
GOAL TRENDS – 50/50 overs at home. Score first in 9/12 at home. Lead at halftime in 4/12 at home.
STREAKS – 7 at home without a draw.
AWAY TEAM – past fixtures -forthcoming fixtures and likely team – troyes
RECENT AWAY FORM -LLLLDLLLDLDD – no wins away. have lost 4-0, 4-1, 2-0 to 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
RECENT OVERALL FORM – LLDLWDLLWDDDD – unbeaten last 5 with draws v 8th, 12th, 15th 17th
GOAL TRENDS – 58% overs away. Conceded 15 in last 1/2 hour of aways. Scored first in only 3 /12 aways and led at halftime in only 1/12aways
STREAKS-12 away without a win. 5 overall without defeat.
CONCLUSION/NOTES/STANDOUT STATS – lack of wins away for Troyes most striking.away. A pattern emerges with marseille though v bottom sides. It revolves around 1-0’s and 0-1’s With Troyes unlikely to win, 1-0 seems a goer here.. But Troyes have conceded 4-4-2 away totop 3 and playing 4th today. Worry re Marseille’s goalscoring re the minnows makes that 1.4 layable? Head to heads have been tight as well which could help the lay the Marseille argument.

530pm – Dynamo Kyiv v Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih -1.2 home -DRT!

745pm –Roma v Genoa– 1.53 home


21.10.2012 D1 Genoa 2-4 AS Roma
19.03.2012 D1 AS Roma 1-0 Genoa
26.10.2011 D1 Genoa 2-1 AS Roma
20.02.2011 D1 Genoa 4-3 AS Roma
16.10.2010 D1 AS Roma 2-1 Genoa
17.01.2010 D1 AS Roma 3-0 Genoa
genoa won 2, then Roma won 2 in 2012.
HOME TEAM – -past fixtures, forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Roma
RECENT HOME FORM – DLDWLWWWWDLW – only 3 defeats at home v 9th, 13th and 14th saw Roma score 2 on each occasion and concede 3-4-3. Hae scored and conceded in 9 of 12 home matches. Have beaten 16th and 20th at home.
RECENT FORM OVERALL – WWWWLWLLDDLLWW -last 2 wins v 1st and 16th. Only 2 wins in last 8.  Have played 6 matches home and away against bottom 5 and won the lot. scored 2/3/4 in 5 of those matches
GOAL TRENDS – 58% overs at home.  Have scored in all home matches . Scored 12 in first 1/2 hour of matches at home. Scored first in 10/12 at home. Led at halftime in 7/12 at home.Have scored and conceded in 5 of last 6. Failed to score in only 2. 5 clean sheets only all season.
STREAKS – scored in 12 at home and last 6 overall.
AWAY TEAM – past fixtures -forthcoming fixtures and likely team – Genoa
RECENT AWAY FORM – LWDLLLWLDLDDD – only 2 away wins v 3rd and 16th were 0-1 wins.
RECENT OVERALL FORM – LLDDWLLDWDWD – undefeated in 5. 3 away draws and 2 home wins. Poore record though v top 8, only beating Lazio Roma home and away ( do they have their measure?).
GOAL TRENDS -23% overs away from homeConceded 86% of goals in 2nd half away meaning we may expect a tight first half.Opponents lead at halftime in only 1 of 13 away at halftime.
STREAKS – 6 away without a win. No defeat in 5 overall.
CONCLUSION/NOTES/STANDOUT STATS – Roma at home could score and concede and have won 5 of last 7 at home.Roma are 100% wins home and away v bottom 5 which should be a boost for this match, scoring 2/3/4 regularly. Genoa might be a tough nut to crack first half, conceding 86% of away goals in the 2nd half. 23% overs as well is a low figure. Opponents have led at halftime in only 1 of Genoa’s 13 away matches so a hope for 2nd half fireworkd and perhaps a pre match speculative lay of odds on Roma for the first half?