The hairy cornflake's making money! Well, not really. The hairy cornflake was DLT. I’m talking about D-R-T, or delay-react-trade.

Manchester City and Chelsea have obliged so far for DRT’ers. Manchester City went 2-1 down to Southampton, and this very short priced team were backable in play at nice odds. Similarly, Chelsea went 2-1 down against Reading before redressing the scoreline.

Oh, and how about laying Ross County 1-0 up against Celtic in the SPL at odds of 1.04. I actually tried to back Celtic at odds of 1000 here in the 90th minute. It was too tempting. Anyway, Celtic equalised and that lay of Ross County could really have paid off hugely. Your risk? Well £4 liability to win £100!

Make sure you look out for these kinds of bets in play. The best odds tend to be found from the 85th minute onwards in a football match.

Remember, too, that you don’t need to just react to something happening. React to nothing happening!

For instance, Hearts were playing Liverpool yesterday in the Europa League. Historically the SPL teams have had a torrid time when meeting Premiership Teams. With the score at 0-0 after 75 minutes, you could lay Hearts at a price lower than they were pre-match, or speculated on Liverpool winning at odds much higher than they were pre-match.

The latter strategy is rightly referred to as speculative, but therein lies the better odds and the better chance to nab big prices. All thanks to betting being in-play. And a look at the research showed a Liverpool side with the following Europa League form.

Simple research can unearth possible clean sheet (7 out of Liverpool’s last 8 matches in the Europa League saw clean sheets).3 0-0’s and 2 1-0 scorelines recently. Possibility for under 2.5 goals.

A more interesting bet could be to back the 0-0 correct score with enough money so that your possible winnings cover your stake on Liverpool to win in the Match Odds market. If the match stays 0-0, you win the 0-0 correct score bet, but lost the Match Odds Liverpool bet. Your winnings in the Correct Score market equal your losses in the Match Odds market.

If Liverpool win, you lose your stake from backing the 0-0 scoreline, but win your bet backing Liverpool in the Match Odds market. You make a profit here.

This kind of bet could also have been applied to the Arsenal v Sunderland match on the opening day of the season.

Can this D-R-T- idea be applied to horse racing. For instance, what about laying an outsider if its price falls below 3.00 in-play. It must have been priced initially as an outsider for a reason? Something for me to think about and report back on if I can find a practical way of profiting from this idea.

By the way, I go into detail regarding D-R-T in August’s WRWM. It really is a great little idea for continuously backing red hot favourites at value odds.

So, this weekend, stick DLT on the Radio, munch on a BLT and wait for D-R-T opportunities in in-play matches. They will happen! I’ll be watching Man Utd with interest this weekend. Why? Well, quite simply it’s already a must win match for United having dropped 3 points away at Everton. If United are not winning after halftime, then I will personally delve in!

I mentioned Unitrader, Football Power Betting, and Cleeve Racing amongst others as systems and tipsters I was trialling currently.

Well, I’ve managed to procure an early copy of Betting Speed Evolution which I’m keen to trial on your behalf. It’s software which provides you with specific horse racing selections. It’s hot off the press so there’s no discernible track record, but I’ll certainly be keeping you updated with this bit of kit.

Also I am following a service called Premier Football bets, and a football service from Steve Hodder. Early doors, and I’ll be reporting back on these as the season progresses. Me? I’m happy doing the research myself! I find the more I practice, the more I pick up!


August’s WRWM , as well as focussing on derivatives of the hairy Cornflake, also took a look at applying the freely available information at the Racing post website and creating lay systems for horse racing..

The watch words were

  • Competition. Look for Competitive matches.
  • Weaknesses in market leaders.

Those 2 elements I feel are the key to successful lay systems. Simple! Find a betting market with enough competition to beat the shortest priced selection. Compound this with finding weaknesses in the shortest priced selection.

I am currently trialling a lay idea which I’ll share with you if it bares fruit. It looks at races where there is perceived competition for the market leader, and looks for weaknesses in that market leader. I suppose another key element to laying horse races is to set what I call an ” odds governor” on the odds of the horse you are going to lay.

This is key primarily for fixed stake laying. Normally services focus on horses priced below 3.5 or 3, and perhaps you could do this.

List horses at Betfair priced below 3.5 or 3 in the odds, and look for specific weaknesses. Email me if you want some horse racing lay ideas.

I’m off now to get some earache from the girlfriend because I’ll be spending Friday evening researching the Weekend Football. The things I do for you, dear reader!