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About What Really Wins Money

I set up What Really Wins Money to help like-minded bettors hone their skills and increase their profits.

The fact you’ve found your way here shows that you’re interested in making consistent, low-risk profits from your betting – rather than ‘gambling’ and hoping for the best (although I know we’re all guilty of a flutter from time to time!)

My goal is to help you start betting in a way which protects your bank, spreads your risk and offers you the maximum return.

What Really Wins Money has been running since 2006 and what started out as a small, monthly advisory has grown into a thriving betting community.

It’s great to have you here and I hope you find the information you find on this site useful.

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Recent eLetters

Thank you Andrew

Thanks very much to Andrew for another very thought provoking article on football. I have a twist on his idea. Look for teams to NOT tolerate a continued losing run. Here’s a few examples. Atletico Madrid Title contenders Atletico Madrid on a 4 match losing run! 2...

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Boxing Day Shenanigans

I thought this eletter I’d look at the performance of favourites on Boxing Day. Are all of the jockeys putting up over weight after an assault on the After Eights? DISTANCE You’d be nearing a 51% strike rate over the last 10 years backing favourites over 2 mile and 5...

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A look at the Racingpost.com

The accompanying video introduces you to www.racingpost.com Here is the link to help you with the abbreviations you’ll find in the horse race cards. https://help.racingpost.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001699689-Abbreviations-on-the-racecard Video link: -...

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Researching football matches

In a recent eletter I showed you the Challenge Table. In this video I want to show you how to research more comprehensively using 3 key websites. Do have in mind a potential bet which fits in with your research. Which markets fit in with your research conclusions?...

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From Hurdle Favourites to Chase Favourites

I will reserve the ‘deep dive’ for Chase favoourites to the What Really Wins Money newsletter. There I look at the patterns and the ideal staking plans which have kept stakes low and maximised returns. In this eletter you’ll get the standout stats for favourites in...

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The jumps is here so let’s look at hurdles favourites

Each month in What Really Wins Money. I look at the formbook over the last 10 years for a number of horse racing angles. It’s hurdles favourites this month. I do a deep dive at What really Wins Money, looking at staking plans which profited over the last 10 years....

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