Banker Bets Review

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About Banker Bets:

Banker Bets is a football tipping service which provides tips at odds typically of between 1.2 and 1.4 odds. It’s been around for a few years, and they reckon they’re a ‘new and improved’ service, so we thought we’d give it another trial.

When we originally trialled it we enjoyed a profit at first, then the error of Banker Bets using stakes of £100 for 1 point combined with the low odds meant that for every point lost, Banker Bets had to replace that with up to five winning bets. Providing the requisite strike rate required of such short odds selections proved problematic.

When things go well, it is possible to steadily grow your bank, but football is often a surprising game, and when betting like this you can get stung.

My 30-Day Review:

The bets placed were generally in the Win markets for football. The bets are received by email, always early on (UK time). You get a selection and reasoning behind the decision. Odds are most often around 1.35: some might say tips at these odds do not require a tipster, but John (the tipster behind the service) claims to make his selections based on lots of research.

The odds advised are nearly always beatable, so fair play to the vendor for that, as that’s far from always the case in other services.

It’s Exchange-friendly for those who have lost betting accounts.

We encountered no problem with delivery and enjoyed good customer service.

But for a service like this to work, you need long winning streaks, which did not quite happen during our trial…

The Results:

  • Total number of bets: 15 (15 points)
  • Total number of winners: 6 (1.91 points)
  • Total number of losers: 9 (-9 points)
  • Profit/Loss: -7.08 points

Overall Summary:

We rarely see a service at these odds work, and this, unfortunately, didn’t deliver in our trial. You need such a high strike-rate and football is just full of upsets week after week: how many times do you think you have a banker (no pun intended) acca and it’s let down by one or two legs?

However, it’s not expensive, and this service has been around a long time. It is generally well-received by many bettors, so it must have something going for it.

At these odds you should expect to win most of your bets, but as we said above, when you encounter a loss, you’ll need a few wins to recover. One suggested coping method is to compound the bank to 10%, which means it’s more a service for acquiescent professionals and a valid means of slowly building your bank.

As a side note, John recently started betting Over 1.5 Goals, which has actually been providing good results to be fair to him. We are monitoring this: we’re currently in the positive and continuing to bet with this angle, so although it’s early days, that is worth keeping an eye on. We’ll write a separate review for this sister service shortly.

You can try Banker Bets here.

Current Rating:

Jury’s out! Might well be one for your betting arsenal.