About Cheek Pieces:

Cheek Pieces is a horse racing tipping service from Betting Gods, with a lifetime profit of £1,057 profit (or a 70.5% bank growth) since January 2021, using £10 stakes with an advised 150-point betting bank, and with selections at achievable odds.

The average monthly profit is reportedly £75.54, the ROI is currently at 16.04%, the service enjoys a 24.53% strike-rate at average odds of 8.27. Daily tips land every morning by 8 a.m.

The tipster is relatively new on the scene, but last year’s results (see below) meant that it’s a service that firmly established itself not only on our radar, but also the radars of some of our readers.

My Review:

Cheek Pieces is a very user-friendly service, where the selections are often accompanied by detailed explanations and analyses.

Many days are no selection days (perhaps due to the unpredictable going that was evident during the trial period), with three or four selections made on the days that do warrant an email.

The advised odds were value-based and more often than not reflected in the starting prices. Sometimes the odds were actually better at Betfair SP.

Staking is utilitarian, with 1 point per win or 0.5 each way in operation. Nothing fancy, but combined with a good amount of winning selections meant that we enjoyed our trial…

The Results:

Out of 44 selections there were 13 winners resulting in an impressive 15.75-point profit.

You can access our results here.

They’ve had a couple of rocky months in terms of a losing month followed by a small profit in the next month, but our trial period landed nicely, and when you look at the general historical growth (all proofed and transparently presented at Betting Gods), there’s something good going on here.

Overall Summary:

With a 29.54% strike-rate and a 15.75-point profit in our trial, and ten profitable months in the fourteen since it first landed, Cheek Pieces is well worthy of your attention.

Try Cheek Pieces here.

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