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Chloe’s Football Focus


This tipster first began in November 2017. She operates a ‘confidence’ staking system, increasing stakes with her confidence in her selections.

Chloe utilises the majority of available football betting markets.

I reported 74 points profit for Chloe’s Football Focus for 2018 which is good stuff. A 25-point loss for 2019 is poor. This, despite 12 of the last 17 bets winning. The bank was last at its current level on 9th July 2018. I do measure performance from season start to season end so will keep monitoring this service until the end of May 2019. I will update again for next month , May 2019 .

£29 per month is the cost.

The Football Guru

The Football Guru has since disappeared from the roster. When I last reported, this tipster had not made any real-term gains since 16th March 2018