Cotswold Racing Review

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About Cotswold Racing:

Cotswold Racing is a horse racing tipster service from Tipster Empire.

This was promoted with a ROI of 27.92% and a profit of £1,240 to £10 stakes.

My 35-Day Review:

This was a really easy service to use.

You get an e-mail delivery of your tips, original late evening but half way through this changed to early morning. This included descriptions of each selection and the reasons and rationale for the bet.

The placing of the bets was simple, the type being either EW / Win and using a points system for your stake. On the odd occasion the type of bet was omitted. Also, there was no learning curve required.

The Results:

Please see attached:

Unfortunately during my 35 days of testing it ended up in a loss of £3.50. This consisted of a total of 86 bets, with 23 winning bets (27%). Two bets returned over a £100 profit. Some were also multiple bets on a single race.

Overall Summary:

This is a service that comes from a reputable publisher.

Based on the initial 35 day trial I couldn’t endorse or discard the service. There is potentially enough reason here to be optimistic but as things stand not enough reason for me to pursue this service further.

You can try Cotswold Racing on a risk-free trial here

Current rating: One to watch. We would like to continue monitoring as I think there could be a great deal of potential with this one.


Cotswold Racing had a fantastic run over Ascot with a profit of over 60 points which dramatically changes things. Unfortunately our test stopped just before Ascot (when we published his initial findings) and this affected the bank. As such the timing of our review was incredibly unlucky. Looking at the results over the longer term this strategy seems to deliver profits. This is definitely one to watch.

ANOTHER UPDATE – 21 MARCH 2022 – Is this the ultimate festival tipster?

How was your Cheltenham? Lots of favourites kept winning. Poor bookies.

The past fourteen months since the original review have seen profit every month, to the tune of 370 points profit to Betfair SP. And the results for Cheltenham and Ascot last year were impressive.

Last year it made £3685 profit to Betfair SP (£10 stakes), a £147 monthly profit, an 18.48% return on investment, and a 30.04% strike rate.

And if you’re gubbed at the bookies, this service is profitable at Betfair SP, so no need to worry.

It’s a totally transparent service, with all the results documented here.

You can try Cotswold Racing on a risk-free trial here