About Fairbot:

Fairbot (from Binteko) is a horse racing tipster service, backing horses to win and occasionally each-way.

Let’s start off with the basics. In terms of bet frequency, the primary focus is on the weekends (which makes it handy if your job makes it difficult to bet or trade online during work hours) with the occasional mid week bets.

Loves Racing tips in the higher class races. Their Festival specials have also proven profitable, and are distinct from the main service.

My 6 Month Review:

Despite the challenges brought about by the Covid pandemic racing was able to resume from June onwards and overall the 2020 campaign proved to be a positive one for the main service.

There were 58 winners or placers where advised EW from 254 selections giving a healthy 22.83% Strike Rate. The 363 pts staked delivered a profit of +122.42 points coupled with a commendable +33.72% Return on Investment.

The main service takes a selective approach by targeting the better quality races mainly at the weekends and as such is suited to a patient higher staking approach and at £50 a point the above profits represent gains of £6,121.00 for the 2020 campaign.

For those that enjoy a more regular punt through the week there are a further couple of elements to Loves Racing.

Firstly Brett covers a number of the big Festivals with stakes from a bank which should be kept apart from the Main Service activities. Over the years those choosing to get involved with these have been treated to plenty of additional gains.

The suggested staking for the Festival bets is lower than that of the Main Service and at £30 a point the 2020 Festival profits would have been £2904.00 or +96.8 points profit.

The final element was introduced to coincide with the relaunch Flat Season offer in July’20, whereby Brett started sharing the qualifiers from a trio of Micro Systems that he had developed over the recent few years.

The Micro Systems are aimed at those members who want to have a bet most days during the Mon-Friday period. Members who choose to follow the systems are advised to use reduced stakes circa 30% of the level of the Main Service.

Since the relaunch (9th July) the “Micro System selections” produced a profit of +60pts to year end (to a mix of ½ & 1pt stakes), so based on the suggested staking of £15 a point these produced gains of +£900.

The first quarter of the 2021 campaign has had a challenging time of it for the Main Service which ended 65pts down at the end of Mar. Meanwhile the Micro Systems were just a few points down (-6.60) over the same period but there was a positive sign with the Cheltenham Festival pulling in +40 points with all 4 days bringing in gains.

With a manageable drawdown a 100pt bank is suggested for the Main service, and as mentioned additional funds will be needed for separate banks if following the Festival and/or Micro Systems.

Overall Summary:

Bets are received with clear instructions and staking.

There was a 79 points loss for the main service in 3 months, compensated by a 55 point profit for the Festivals section of the service where he looks specifically at the major Festivals, in this case the Cheltenham Festival. Overall there was a 151 points profit for the calendar year 2020.

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WRWM Verdict: