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About Matt Bosigno) is a horse racing website, providing unique race cards, results, reports on horses, sires, a set of tools including the tracker, query tool, draw analyser, and pace analyser; horse racing pointers, blog and forum.

My Review:

There is no 6 month trial with this website. is not a tipster, but a facilitator, if that makes sense. has collated a wealth of stats for UK and Irish horse racing and put them in the one place.

Race cards are available for free at websites such as, and (this list is not exhaustive).

Each of these race cards is unique in their own way and have their own features. The race cards at have the usual features that are standard with a race card.

Additional features include the profiler which can look in-depth at horse, jockey, trainer or sire under certain conditions (for example you can look at these criteria under today’s ground conditions, race distance conditions, race type, and course type).

This feature will have the form aficionados and pattern seekers purring.

For those who want a visual representation of race contender’s pros and cons, The Instant Expert provides a colour coding system that even Forrest Gump can follow:

> Green is good
> Red is not so good!

This instant expert covers 6 criteria

> Going
> Class
> Course
> Distance
> Field
> Rating

One feature that only a few race cards cover is Pace. There are 4 types of pace horse:

> Led
> Prominent
> Mid Division
>Held Up

The winners of some races show a distinct pace characteristic.

Another feature of the race card is the draw. Courses like Chester have a distinct draw bias and this tool will show you the draw biases of each race course.

Within the race card is a comprehensive reports list where you can look at horses, for example,

> Moving up and down class
> Horses suited to certain courses
> Hot form
> Fast finishers
> Multiple reports on trainers and jockey and a lot more.

This is a comprehensive website, offering 7 and 14 days membership which I think is an excellent idea, as well as the usual monthly and annual subs.

So… will you make money?

Aahh, there’s the rub! You see, will not tell you which horses to back and lay. It is not a tipster and does not claim to be.

It would be nice to have profit and loss spreadsheets for some of the key features and reports. For example, I’d love to know the historical performance of those horses shortlisted in:

> The Shortlist
> Hot form report, particularly those showing a recent win and each way profit
> Horses for courses.

I am afraid that the only way that you can infer profit/loss over time is to start recording results today and onwards, then run the results through some kind of staking software.

Overall Summary: is comprehensive but it is one of those services that will only be as good as the end user. Any profit you make will be down to your use of the features. I do miss any historical p/l for some of the reports. This will aid markedly in narrowing down those actual profitable angles at the website.

Some may be overwhelmed by and wonder where to start to profit. I would recommend their innovative 7 and 14 day membership which offers great value. Monthly membership starts at £36 per month. This way you can see the site, look for the angles and I would recommend you keep results for any angles you find. As alluded to above,

> How did the Hot form horses get on?
> What about the shortest priced all red horse on instant expert? Did that horse lose consistently? Could we have made a lay profit?
> How about the unique ratings? I would love to see the profit/loss patterns for these ratings.

There are ‘gold’ tutorials available at the site which any new member must watch.

You can start a risk-free trial of here

WRWM Verdict: