Goal Profits Review

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About Goal Profits:

Goal Profits is a football trading service from Simple Media, run by tipsters Steve and Kevin.

Reviewed by Edwin:

I started my review for this product on 10/05/21 and followed it for one month. It dawned on me not long after I started it that the football season was drawing to an end in most places so inevitably this did impact the amount of selections that were put my way by the service.

Logging into the Goal profits website I was impressed with the interface and the amount of information that the service provided to members.

As well as plenty of constantly updating statistical analysis there is lots of theory and learning material provided. In essence the included strategies are in three different categories; Beginner, Intermediate and advanced.

My own personal football bets are nearly all set and forget bets which do not need me to watch the game or indeed trade them as the game progresses. For this reason I thought it best to investigate what was on offer in the Beginner strategy section.

The strategy that I picked to follow for the purpose of this review was ‘First Half Lay The Draw’, although anyone becoming a member will still have full access to all of the other strategies and their particular selections and will not be limited to one. As the name implies my chosen strategy relies on laying the draw in the half time market.

This was available on Betfair for lay of odds of around 2.8 to 3.7 pre kick off on the games that I operated the strategy on. The provided instructions for this strategy made it clear to only make this bet at a maximum odds of 2.0 to help to tip things in your favour.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the half time draw odds trickled down to 2.0 and beyond, typically around the 20 minute mark. This meant that on my chosen selections I was able to enter the market at odds of 1.90 and still have plenty of time left for something to happen in the game to help me bag a profit.

The instructions for operating this strategy advised that if there was a goal after the bet was matched and the odds shifted enough to trade out completely to secure a guaranteed profit. I thought about this for a little while and decided that I would do a partial cash out if things went in my favour to protect my initial stake.

This was a cheap(er) insurance to protect against the dreaded last minute equalizer that would swallow the stake completely. This is football trading as opposed to the normal football betting that I do and as such you need a trading plan. All this is, is a thought out set of actions to deal with the circumstances that you might face once underway; a ‘plan’ if you will.

My plan for this strategy was to use my Futbal 24 app on my phone to alert me of any goals and to pop in my lay at my chosen odds for the half time draw just pre-match. Should there be a goal or a red card before my lay gets taken I would scrap that selection and move on.

When my half time lay was taken I would then look at the odds with a view to doing a partial cash out to retrieve my stake and I would leave the remainder of the money to allow the bet to continue until half time is reached. The longest it took for my HT LTD draw to be matched was 26 minutes which I thought still left plenty of time for the stalemate to be broken.

One of my bets I was unable to cash out on due to low liquidity in the market – this is worth thinking about but if it were a bigger league I’m sure that wouldn’t have been an issue. Also, I only use Betfair – there are 2 other exchanges that I know of so that might be a possibility should the user think it prudent. All of the other bets I undertook I was able to cash out easily and quickly to retrieve my stake.

All of the selections for the strategies included in goal profits are easily accessible via the members website which I also found tobe clear, comprehensive and easy to use.

Selections were available for me for around 1 week in advance so I was able to easily plan and set a few reminders on my phone so as not to miss these opportunities. As mentioned before I also had audible alerts from the futbol24 app on my phone.

I particularly like the First Half Lay The Draw strategy as it is easy to operate with the provided selections and it is very low risk – 1 point or less per game and that to me is a big plus. The provided selections were colour coded per game as a rating.

Most of the games provided were marked to alert me to check the relevant league tables as many teams had ‘less to play for’ at the tail end of the season(marked red or amber). The games that I ended up concentrating on for this trial were rated with a green marker. This meant that they were selections in leagues that were settled so less likely to have a friendly (and disappointing) draw.

Another reason I was drawn to the FHLTD strategy is that the longest it would take to operate in 45 mins to 1 hour. When things go in your favour you can trade out and be done and dusted often much sooner than that. Once you’ve cashed out the rest of the game and the result becomes meaningless of course. One of my selections wasn’t on Betfair – I can’t level that as a criticism though as often Betfair don’t add games when they should and there are other exchanges that I didn’t look at. All of my other selections were on BF and the half time market was available for all of these games. One of my bets I was unable to cash out because of low liquidity in the market so I just let it run and won it anyway – I’m sure this doesn’t happen often if at all on the main leagues but it ‘can’ happen from time to time on the lesser leagues so do keep that in mind.

During my 1 month trial I followed 13 of the selections for my chosen strategy. There were quite a few more that were provided but I only picked the strongest ones (coded green). Of these 13 games 8 of them I discarded as a goal was scored before my desired odds were reached for the HT draw.

The remaining 5 games only one of the lays went on to lose (a draw at half time) meaning that I made a net profit of 3.56 points. Keeping in mind that this was at just about the worst time of the football year I was very pleased with that.

Selections chosen from those provided: 13
Games that were abandoned due to goal before lay bet matched: 8
Matched HT Draw Lay bets: 5
Bets won: 4 Bets
Lost: 1
Profit: 3.56 points

WRWM Verdict:

I have found Goal Profits to be a very genuine and comprehensive service. I have no hesitation in recommending this service as I feel it gives you an awful lot for the modest cost of membership. I’ve barely scratched the surface on this service and it has really impressed me.

You can try Goal Profits risk-free here