Homer Sports Trading Review - What Really Wins Money

It’s rare that something comes along that actually gets me excited. I’m talking Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging level of excitement. Yes, there are a very few tipster services that are professional, hype-free and maintain good results and excellent customer-services, but most of them do not offer a particular method of trading, relying on the ole faithful Lay the Draw technique (which I do still love).

But Homer Sports Trading (which is still a relatively new product) is something to write home about. Brought to you by ‘Handy’ Andy (he doesn’t give his surname, which would be cause for concern in any other product, but rest assured it’s a different Handy Andy to the DIY man who used to be on the tele). Homer Sports Trading is not just based in a good methodology, but is a sound and educational arena where even the most seasoned trader will learn new things.

The website is totally fluff-free and Andy sets out his maxim that there are inevitably losses in trading, but what counts is making money long-term. You won’t get super-rich from this, but you should be able to win enough regularly enough to come to the quick decision that this really does work and warrants further utilisation.

His published results acknowledge the losing trades but ‘What makes the Homer family stand out against many other strategies that I have come across is that you know where you stand to win or lose before you take the decision to trade.’ It’s heavily focussed upon you knowing exactly your liability and your potential wins and really puts the ‘trade’ in sports trading, treating it as a Forex or commodities trader might.

The ‘Homer’ part of Homer Sports Trading isn’t derivative from the fact that Andy is a Simpsons fan (although Homer Simpson does make an appearance on the website, dressed in a Man Utd shirt), but from the fact his football trading systems (there are more than one system – and for more sports than just trading football – but they all descend from the same initial trade when betting on football) are based on the concept of the home goal: ‘after all, even the worst teams seem to score regularly at home.’

Andy asked himself: ‘What if I could make the home goal that one defining moment where no matter what else happens, a profit was secured? What if I could add other factors that would increase the chances of a winning trade?’ These are thought-provoking questions that take a huge step away from the inevitable starting place of all football traders – the lay and back trade. Andy found that the simple answer to these questions was ‘Yes, but the match selection is key’.

To quote Andy fully, he surmised: ‘If a game can be found where the prices qualify but at the same time giving the home team the realistic chance of providing that winning profit then we are half way there. What we have to come to terms with is that no matter how good we think our match selections are, we are at the mercy of those highly paid players. No matter how much the home team may dominate in that first half, if they don’t do their job and stick the ball in the net then we may lose money. Plain and simple.’ Such is the Achilles’ heel of laying the draw.

Andy called these home-goal trades ‘Homers’ and developed them into a series of different trades – all variations on a theme. The Homer portfolio includes the following trades: Homer Low; HomerDog; the frantic but successful HomerActive; and the more recent Extreme HomerDog (EHD).

Following on from the emphasis on the successful trader always knowing what is at stake, Andy stresses in a no-nonsense way (he’s extremely hype-free) that: ‘For each single stake you have an initial liability of around £60 but only ever risking up to £24. So if you trade a game using x4 stakes you will need a bank of at least £240.’

It is said that following Andy’s system will give you a 70% strike rate, which is pretty close to my 69% strike rate. What really makes this system work is the better returns, therefore better profits, that you get when compared to the basic backing and laying trades.

To access Andy’s system, you have two options: you can buy the PDF document that outlines in great detail (and in a well-executed and informative way) for £29.98 and go it alone; or you can buy the Strategy Document and embark on a 14-day free trial of his membership site, which is then charged at £18.99 a month (unfortunately no money-back guarantee stated).

At first, I thought I’d just buy the document, but after sampling the membership benefits, I will continue to use the full service. The most important and helpful element of the membership is access to the trading console, where Andy takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step what he is trading, all live as the match is in play. Prior to the games (mostly evening and weekend games – and you do need to be present throughout the trade to be sure that you’re trading out at the best time) you’re sent an email containing tips and updates, staking sheets for imminent games and details of when he is going to be on the console – which is a lot of the time – and a stake-and-profit calculator that is as handy as Andy himself. Besides Andy’s almost-continual presence and patience as a teacher, one of the best things about this product is the fact that you always know where you are in terms of potential profit and loss.

The console is such a good place to make your trades through. If you know nothing about Betfair or even what the word ‘Lay’ means, then simply ask, and Andy will help you out, not to mention the whole host of fellow members who are also willing to teach you. At the console (best combined with the use of such software as Geek’s Toy) you get to see what others are trading and can find quick advice when a trade does not look to be working – if the score is remaining at 0-0 and the minutes are nearing the end, you are taught how to make counter ‘scratch’ trades that will not see you secure profit, but any losses will be minimised. One happy punter said that trading with the console’s help is ‘The most relaxed way to trade I have encountered.’

Andy does not just trade football – he also gives his attention to cricket, snooker and Formula 1. I’ve had little to no experience trading these sports, as they’re sports that don’t interest me much, but if one person could make me proficient in trading in them, it’d be Andy.

Andy joins Mike Cruickshank in terms of excellent customer service, and his Homer methods do work. In 8 weeks I made 56 trades and 39 of them were very profitable, giving me a strike rate of 69.6%. Not all of the losing trades were terrible either – as with Andy’s advice I could rescue them to become scratch trades.

Homer Sports Trading is highly recommended.

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