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About Loves Racing:

Loves Racing has received a fair bit of praise in the five years since former football pro Brett Love was convinced to start providing his horse racing tipping service.

After serving a private clientele for a number of years, Love finally decided to open up his selections to a wider audience and his first full season was reportedly a cracker, with a 132.72 point profit and a very impressive 44% ROI.

There are a trio of elements to the Loves Racing service, comprising of the Main Service (targets the better quality handicap races outside of the big festivals that tend to take place over the weekends); the Festival Meetings service (self-explanatory, but Love’s approach is slightly different from the Main Service in that he may have numerous wagers on each day and staking circa 30pts over the course of the meeting); and the System Selections (a punt on most days in between the weekend Main Service action).

Having reviewed the key races, Love sends the final selections on race-day morning at around 10 a.m. There are three to six bets per day, with total stakes around 5-8 points, and a 100-point betting bank advised.

My Review:

Needless to say, the Festivals Meeting service was not part of our review period, which (alas) instead fell during the cold, dark first weeks of the year, where going is unpredictable and calls are hard to make.

A look at the past results of Loves Racing does indeed show that Love has made excellent big-priced winners calls in previous festivals, which bolstered betting banks at the time. We’ll be interested to see how he fares during Cheltenham this month.

Indeed, historically all three elements to Loves Racing have a proven track record, and Love encourages each individual member to select the right combination allied to their own preferred style of punting. If you like plenty of action then you can choose to follow all three; or for those who prefer a more patient approach then the Main Service fits that profile and adding in the Festivals could provide some further activity spread out through the racing calendar. Stakes are up to you too.

The emails were received in a timely fashion, with a heavy bias towards weekend racing. On Saturday mornings there was an accompanying explanation behind the choices. Value was always reflected in the markets, maybe not exactly matching the odds Love has advised, but always the BSP is sound. He consistently looks at the better-class races, in which there is often plenty of liquidity.

Yet in five weeks of tips there wasn’t a single winner…

Long losing streaks are to be expected from a tipping service like this, where a well-chosen high-priced winner can suddenly come along and change the narrative. This nearly happened on a fair few occasions, with horses placing instead of winning, or falling unexpectedly. But still that winning horse eluded us.

Love himself held up his hands in the midst of the trial, admitting ‘This is one of the worst trots in my 20-year history and I cannot put my finger on it’. To be fair, the three storms in three days that we endured in February didn’t help, and all Love could do is lament the following: ‘Barring the obvious favourites such as Porticello’s, Skycutter’s etc that my Nan could pick, most of the winners I must say through this dank period are unfathomable and I bow down to anyone who can pick the likes of Wholestone, Flowing Cadenza (P2PPP) and Guillemont (82FFP)!’

The Results:

There were 41 selections in our trial, with no winners, five placing, and three non-runners, resulting in a loss of -33.39 points.

This is bad, but we still think Loves Racing is worthy of continued consideration. Love is an honest punter, and his decisions were sound. The trial admittedly fell in a weird window of time, where the going was terrible, and besides the winning favourites (which weren’t in his selections), the remaining winners were surprising anomalies. This is a service that needs you in for the long haul, where one winner catapults the bank back into profit and makes up for the long losing streaks.

There’s a proven longevity to the service, and it’s well regarded in the betting world. Love has shown before that he can find winners. The upward trajectory of results over the years is impressive.

Love admits he’s better at flat racing than jumps, though his Cheltenham and Aintree results in previous years are pretty remarkable.

Overall Summary:

Our trial was a disaster, but the history of the service and the honesty of Love means that this is still a service worthy of your attention, but only if you’re a sophisticated bettor that can prevail through the low strike-rates.

Try Loves Racing here.

Current Rating:

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