About The Outside Edge:

The Outside Edge is a horse racing tipster service from Betting Gods, helmed by a tipster called Darren. The service was launched in December 2019 and has reportedly made £5,211.70 lifetime profit, an average monthly profit of of £200.45, an average yearly profit of £2,405.40, a 10.04% ROI, a 29.61% win rate, and a 173.72% bank growth.

The average odds are 9.02, with a 300pts advised betting bank, with a realistic £10 per point staking. It’s one of Betting Gods’ best rated services.

My Review:

Initial impressions were good. The welcome letter is a simple but concise letter, recommending a betting bank of 300 points, which does seem a little large.

The service sends two waffle-free emails a day, with possible bets in morning and an evening email for early bets the next day. Sometimes the night email said ‘no bets yet’ which was no problem. The daily message is very clear, well laid out and arrived every day in sufficient time to be read well before the racing was due to start. It highlights the odds and where they are available. They were generally all obtainable.

The staking approach is realistic, and without giving too much away, Darren uses a particular two-pronged strategy. The tips were mainly Win Only bets, with no explanation for their selection.

In total we received 233 bets, with 12 non-runners or abandoned bets. This means that there are anything from 26 to 46 bets a week (the trial included Cheltenham), and from one to eight bets a day.

There were 144 Win bets given , and 89 E/W bets given. There were an impressive 41 winning Win Only bets, and 29 winning Place E/W bets, totalling 70 winners for the trial, and an overall +31.67% strike rate.

The maximum priced winners were at 18/1, 11/1, 10/1 10/1 and others including Place/Win at 40/1. There were also some short-priced favourites given with mixed results at 2-point Win stakes.

The Results:

The above table shows three winning weeks out of five, which is pretty impressive. Nearly 900.00 profit is spectacular, even if it did include winners at the Cheltenham Festival at good prices.

We did miss the typical retrospective write-up that many tipsters include after the event to explain the next day why a particular selection did not win. There were never any reasonings or rationale given.

INTERESTINGLY, our reviewer noted that Darren could have had another 32 winning Place bets which came in second or third when given as a Win only bet!

Additionally, it should be noted that the Customer Service query we submitted was answered quickly.

You can access up-to-date results here.

Overall Summary:

We highly commend The Outside Edge: a no-frills tipping service that provided good results and lived up to the claims on the Betting Gods portal.

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