About Over 0.5 Goals:

Banker Bets is a renowned and respected football tipping service which has been around for a few years. (See our review here.)

Just a few months ago, John (the man behind Banker Bets) released a different strategy, which was originally called Over 1.5 Goals, but has since been renamed Over 0.5 Goals.

It’s a niche strategy that was originally designed for betting in the Over 1.5 Total Goals betting market, but results and tweaking during the course of our trial meant the selection method works far better for betting on Over 0.5 First Half Goals.

It’s an interesting premise: First Half Goals is one of the most under-utilised betting markets there is. One that’s often overlooked by punters.

The service launched in January 2022, but we’ve been watching it since September 2021 (but it was called Over 1.5 Goals back then.)

If ee remove the trial and error associated with the Over 1.5 Goals bets, and solely focus on the Over 0.5 Goals bets, the claims on the landing page accurately stand…

…A 115% bank growth betting at level stakes, and an 80% winning strike-rate…

It should be mentioned too that this is not an automated stats-based bet selection system. There’s the human element to these selections, with research done into numerous factors, including momentum, motivation, distraction, fatigue, player transfer, injuries and suspensions, managerial changes, and even the weather.

Our Review:

It was a little frustrating at first, because we were trialling the Over 1.5 Goals version of the system, which was fairly hit and miss.

Had that system continued, the bank would have diminished by a little over 30%. HOWEVER, the switch to Over 0.5 Goals is working, and the bulk of the review is dealing with this service rather than the underperforming Over 1.5 Goals offering.

With Over 0.5 Goals, odds are short with an average price of 1.30. This with an 80% winning strike-rate means losses are few and far between. Rarely did we encounter a losing run greater than two. (There’s a best run of 22 straight winners to date.)

Actual tips aren’t received daily – they’re sent as and when, suggesting an emphasis on quality – indeed, the tipster stresses that he only bets when conditions are ideal, never forcing bets just out of boredom.

There is no minimum quota of bets, and sometimes we went several days with no bets at all; with other times dealing with 4 bets at once.

There’s no action here; no big-priced winning odds. It’s very slow and steady. Consider it more an investment strategy than an adrenaline fuelled rollercoaster ride.

The Results:

Please see a full table of results here.

Over the course of our four-month trial there were 118 bets, with 24 losses, giving a 79% strike rate, and £579 profit (results based on a £1,000 Starting Bank with a 10% stake per bet).

Overall Summary:

Had the Over 1.5 Goals trial continued as it was, we’d be writing a very different review, but John had the good sense to tweak his service and focus on the Over 0.5 Goals market instead, resulting in very favourable outcomes.

(There’s also an Over 2.5 Goals spin-off, which is also reportedly profitable, which may be worth a look at too.)

You can try Over 0.5 Goals here. 

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