Precision Value Service Review

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About Precision Value Service:

This service is a ‘lite’ version of Kieran Ward’s flagship ‘Morning Value Service’ focusing on selections priced between 7/4 and 5/1.

It boasts “a relatively high strike rate, short losing runs and has been profitable for everyone for the last 10 years”.

Kieran Ward is a horse racing and betting fanatic and has been betting for close to 40 years ever since his Uncle took him to the bookies when he was about 11 years old.

My Review:

He’s managed to make betting pay and has turned a profit over the last 16 years with betting being his full time occupation since 2008.The Precision Value service provides 3-5 tips a day and couldn’t be easier to run.

You get sent the tips and simply place the bets – it takes 5 minutes a day.During our trial period the highest priced winner was 6-1 and we had 3 runs of 3 consecutive wins with the longest losing run of 15.

However, with the win % at 27.58 our bank at the end of the trial stands at +46.2points.

For 5 minutes work a day this is such a simple system to run it has to be recommended.

You can get a risk-free trial on Precision Value Service here

WRWM Verdict: