Smart Money Law Review

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About Smart Money Law:

Steven Taylor is the man behind a betting system called Smart Money Law. He claims to be one of the professional bettors that make a full-time income from betting on all the myriad of sports available all year round. He says he successfully does this through following his 7-year-old betting system – Smart Money Law – to the letter.

Smart money betting is defined as different to ordinary money betting: ‘Smart money is put on by people who have done extensive research on the particular match and / or have inside information as to who will win’. These smart money bettors – people in the know like coaches, their friends and family, sports analysts, businessmen, politicians, or crime bosses with inside information – all go unnoticed because of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary money bettors around the world that are betting millions on a particular sporting occasion’s outcome.

For a one-off payment of £40.16 (including tax, with a money-back guarantee), you can buy the system and start applying it to your daily betting. There is an additional offer to subscribe to Taylor’s Lifetime Membership Club, where he makes the selections for you.

My Review:

All bettors should have a system. It makes all the difference between pot-luck-style wins and losses and a more controlled long-term-profit goal being realised. The answer to this conundrum is, of course (as Taylor claims), Smart Money Law.

The sales-page isn’t as hypey as many that I’ve seen, but some wild-ended claims are in there. His money back guarantee is as follows: ‘If you don’t INSTANTLY start winning 9 out of every 10 bets, I’ll not only promptly refund your money but may also offer you free picks for life by letting you join my exclusive tipping service free of charge’. Nice use of the word ‘may’ there! Taylor also maintains that he’s made $96,000+ a year using $100 stakes by following this system. The more affordable $10 stakes will make you around $15,000 profit a year.

The system comes to you in a 21-page manual which states the rules and highlights the best ways to maximise your profits. By applying these rules to a chosen sport of your choice you can find selections – one bet per day – that you back to win, using level stakes. The types of bet with this system are win only, in which you find a sport where two teams or players are opposing each other and select one to win, using the system’s criteria.

The system is clearly laid-out in the manual. There aren’t many criteria for selections, and the lack of complicatedness makes this a user-friendly system. The Smart Money Law system is therefore so easy to use, that I see no real need for the further expenditure in enrolling in Taylor’s Lifetime Membership Club.

Besides its simplicity, what also appealed to me was the universality of this system. Professional bettors should not just focus on betting on their favourite sports. If you only ever bet on the football, unless you were to bet on Brazilian games, you’d have a lengthy wait between seasons before you could start making money again. Smart Money Law is applicable to all manner of team or player sports.

The Results:

In my 2 month trial (making the selections myself using level stakes), I made 45 selections and was delighted to enjoy 33 of them winning. This gave me a strike-rate of 73.33% and an overall profit of a nice 13.79 points.

Overall Summary:

Because many of the selections are the favourites anyway, the odds are never going to result in staggeringly good returns, and Smart Money Law is certainly a system that would benefit your bank balance in a much healthier fashion if you’re lucky enough to be able to place higher stakes. The usual £10 or $10 stake that many of us are comfortable betting will make you a nice second income, but it won’t make you rich. Nevertheless, the system does seem to pick winners a large majority of the time and is worthy of your consideration.

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