About Stable Lays:

Stable Lays is a horse race laying service from two brothers from Ireland with a passion for horse racing and for data analytics.

Their claim is that they have developed sophisticated data analysis techniques for finding losers. Their odds line is generated from statistical analysis, using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, from a horse’s past performance data, taking into account other factors such as track, course, going, race distance and some element of factoring in the probabilities from the market (to represent the element of weight of money).

If certain horse’s odds are lower than what the ‘fair’ odds should be, then these selections are flagged as possible Lays.

In order to safeguard your betting bank and maximise profits they advise never to lay a horse with greater than 4: they only advise on low liability odds. Level stakes is advised with suggested betting bank of 300pts.

My Review:

Selections emails are usually delivered by 11.15 a.m. The system is simple to follow, and the selections process is unproblematic, so long as the odds at the off do not make the selection void – you’re told not to lay if the odds are greater than 4.

This, obviously, is sound advice. The last thing these tipsters want is for you to suffer from losing lay bets that decimate your bank balance. Laying horses can be very volatile when the horse you’ve backed to lose actually wins, which is exactly what happened at the start of the trial, and fairly frequently throughout.

However, most lay systems experience big dips in the betting bank, which is made up for by the many winning lay bets. A line graph of the bank results for Stable Lays does show an upward trend over time. The occasional losses are par for the course.

The tipsters behind the system are trustworthy and transparent. Indeed, you can download their entire results on their Stable Lays website. Over the course of the lifetime of the service (around a year at the time of writing) they have enjoyed a 68% strike-rate, and a 4% return on investment.

The Results:

Over the trial period there were 95 bets placed (there were more selections but the odds crept over 4), and at the end the betting bank stood at +5.33 points profit. The longest losing streak was 6. Results are without deducting exchange commission.

Overall Summary:

Our trial enjoyed some success, which certainly merits further interest. The service as a whole since its inception is on a very definite upward trajectory. We will keep an eye on it to see if that remains so…

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