The Master Plan Review

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About The Master Plan:

The Master Plan (from Punt Hub)

‘The Master Plan’ is a PuntHub exclusive service for UK Racing.

Bets are released on a morning around 8am and are recorded to best odds guaranteed. All selections are to 1 point level stakes offering an easy to follow approach.

It is advised to use a minimum 100 point bank for this service.

My 6 Month Review:

I began my trial on December 1st 2020 and for that month, a 2.4 points profit was posted.

That, I’m afraid, was the highlight. After my 6 month trial ended, the loss incurred totalled 30.90 points.

All horse racing bets were win only with the very rare each way bet.

Overall Summary:

The Master Plan can be joined at half price for the first month at £15 (usual price £30 per month), or £70 per 3 months.

Since 2020, there has been no growth in the betting bank. This is a stagnant tipster.

Obviously this was only my experience at the time of writing and yours may differ.

WRWM Verdict:

Not approved.