The Staking Machine Review

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The Staking Machine – analyse your bets at a touch of a button…

About The Staking Machine:

If you’re familiar with Clive Keeling’s form-book analysis and Home-Grown systems, you’ll know that he uses a few weird and wonderful staking plans to maximise profits.

But the finding of these staking plans and the analysing of all his systems can take him an age (and the hiring of a few mathematicians), so he uses a short cut… The Staking Machine.

It’s a tool that will transform your betting. It finds the best staking plan for your betting idea, and allows you to analyse it. Staking plans used with this bit of kit includes level stakes, 1326, D’alembert, Fibonacci, Percentage, Parlay, Pro, Secure, Fixed, Kelly, Square Root, Labouchere, Retirement, Bookies and XYZ.

My Review:

I love it. I cannot do without it, and I know Clive can’t either. If you’re a betting system fan, or want to check out a tipster’s results, or want to follow a staking plan to the letter, the Staking Machine has 45 staking plans for you to analyse and follow.

Maybe your system is being let down by selections at certain odds under-performing. The Staking Machine can fix that.

It can see whether your backing system is better served as a lay system – Clive has found some cracking lay systems which were originally backing systems.

It gives you the discipline to follow a staking plan (it literally tells you your next stake: a great way to stay on track).

Once you’re away, it tells you your strike rate, average odds, winning and losing sequences, shows you at a glance at which odds the most wins are coming from, and informs you about the cumulative drawdown – you must prepare for a losing run and the staking machine will do that.

You can even use The Staking Machine to analyse any tipster who has results available on an Excel spreadsheet.

The Results:

Here’s how effective this staking machine can be…

Say we have raw data on favourites who are weight-ranked 6 (top-weight is first-ranked), and £100 to £119 to level stakes of £1 over 10 years. Time to check in with a real estate agent in Monaco!

After a little bit of analysis, how about this: focusing on favourites when their decimal odds are 6 or higher sees the following results:

  • £100 into £1638 to £2 starting stakes with Dalembert staking
  • £100 into £2016 using Kelly staking
  • £100 into £46474 using Up X Down Y staking (but the software tells us that the bank was bust at one point)
  • £100 into £6484 using coup master staking and a starting stake of £1

The Staking Machine immediately points us to the best odds to maximise profits and the best staking plans to absolutely maximise profits.

Overall Summary:

I highly recommend the staking machine and use it daily. I love it and I know that Clive even automates his systems using its staking plans.

Try The Staking Machine here. 

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