About Victor Value

Victor Value is a horse racing tipping service designed with long-term profits in mind and a focus on all the big races.

John Burke is the man with the self-confessed ‘good eye for a great horse’, and the years-honed-ability to spotting future winners. He has a genuine respect in the horse racing tipster world, and every selection he sends comes with lots of in-depth analysis.

When a big race is scheduled John will send both a pre-race detailed breakdown containing tips and explanation, and also weekly ante-post bets. Here’s an example of the email you’d receive.

Victor Value has been around for years now, with many a historical thumbs-up given by reviewers on the web. But there hasn’t been much in the way of a recent evaluation of the service, hence our attentions once again getting piques by the service.

John claims to have banked £3000 profit to £10 stakes since April 2021, so let’s see if we can replicate that success.

Our Review: 

The emails from John are not short on word-count – you can really appreciate the time taken to evaluate each prospective runner in all the big races. Usually there’d be a daily email, containing three to five tips, and often two or three tips in the same race.

After our first 100 tips (which transpired over 32 days between early February 2022 and early March) the bank was up by just under 24 points, and an early superb winning each way bet at odds of 19. Indeed, John is no stranger to talking a punt on higher-odds horses, (although he’d take issue with the use of the word ‘punt’ there).

It should also be noted that sometimes the advised odds were very difficult to get, and the highest advised odds were often slashed considerably by the time you could action the bet.

Fast-forward to the end of May, and our initial 100-point bank was down by 39 points. Despite two three-bet runs of winning bets in this second half of the trial, a long losing sequence of 13 bets hit the bank hard, and the heady heights of the former section of the trial seemed like a distant memory.

The Results:

Please see a table of results here…

Overall Summary:

Victor Value is a long-standing and respected service, and had our initial review ended at our half-way point perhaps I’d be writing an entirely glowing review.

One thing that we found somewhat troubling was the frequent instance of betting on more than one horse in the same race – though some may see this as hedging your bets and a wise thing to do.

Ultimately though, we’re currently at a loss. We will continue to monitor, but for now the jury is out.

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Current Rating:

Jury’s Out!