www.inplaytrading.com/scanner Football trading review

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I live this scanner. Followers of www.delayreacttrade.com, my football trading service, can attest to this. This website provides a web based inplay stats service. All in-play stats are displayed on the one page and cover

  • shots on target
  • shots off target
  • corners
  • red cards
  • yellow cards

and more. The above 5 are the main stats. The first 3 are the core stats required for betting and trading in-play.  As well as these stats this scanner has a Pressure Index . Very clever analysis using shots on target, shots off target and possession in the last 10 minutes. This Pressure Index can accurately predict the possibility of an upcoming goal.

There is a chat facility with the service as well as a number of add-ons such as the goal finder and ‘Draw Inflation’ , the latter attempting to find trades before a match has even been played.

For football traders, this scanner is superb. In-play stats are an integral part of the decision making process. At £39 per month, the service will offer value ( particularly over a football season ) for the trader and in-play bettor alike.

I must add though that there are free-to-view in-play stats websites on the internet. What you are buying with this scanner is its convenience in having all of the information for all live in-play matches at betfair on the one page.

One major gripe. At 15:00 each Saturday the service can go down for as long as half an hour or more. This is something the guys behind the service have failed to fix and is tied to the fact that this scanner gets its information from the betfair website and at 15:00, betfair tends to blow a gasket.

That aside, the service has been reliable, and as a paying customer since 2014 I use it daily for www.delayreacttrade.com

For the occasional football punter, get in touch and I’ll show you where the free-to-view inplay stats are. For the seasoned football trader, this scanner is an excellent tool to have.