Yes folks, my life this week is going to be turned into a movie starring Hugh Grant as a hapless newsletter writer whose car happens to breakdown in the middle of attending his uncle’s funeral. The man’s brother in law happens to be a mechanic and diagnoses a problem BUT it is not THE problem.

Man gives me lift to Church. Car gets towed. 1 more mechanic looks at car and fixes car. In the meantime hapless newsletter writer consumes Guinness with long lost cousins and uncles and aunties and has the craic. Car gets fixed, hapless newsletter writer returns home. Movie ends. That was my week! Breakdowns and funerals and the black stuff!

I think it’s a winner. Kelly Brook is pencilled in to play the love interest and a certain Mr Henderson is to play the villain. Why?

Well, Mr Henderson, of Autolays fame, is still marketing his system . He has NOT updated results on 11th October (coincidentally the day where he happened to lose his hapless customers (played here by the general betting buying public) their whole betting banks while charging £185 per month!)

I must admit I was absolutely stunned when readers emailed me with his offer. Of course he had conveniently forgotten to mention that he had lost his previous customers a small fortune

The email begins:

“With all the “SCAM” systems being sold and advertised around the Internet, how can you tell what is a good system, and what is a bad system? I can tell you that autolays is a great system with a 99.76% success rate, and you will still question me.”

Bear in mind that this is AFTER he has already conned hundreds out of customers based upon highly dubious statistical evidence and the proof of failure with customers’ accounts showing £0.00.

Mr Henderson does ask questions to be fair

“Questions may be:

1)  How do you get this 99.76 success rate?
2)  What are your recent results?
3)  If it is so successful, why are you selling the system?
4)  How much profit can I make?

And the list goes on and on.”

Oh yes, the list goes on and on and on – my only other question – how can people like this continue to get away with it?
And I will answer them:

You get this 99.76% strike rate by pretending to know what you’re on about and misusing general statistics regarding the perfomance of favourites.

For new customers’ convenience we have not updated recent results which show thousands of pounds worth of losses for the poor souls who joined initially.

It’s not successful. I scammed some people at 125bets.eu and that went belly up and I ran away and thought I’d use the selections which failed at 125bets.eu but ( and here’s the clever bit), LAY them and charge you nearly £200 per month ( I know – I’m trying to conceal the laughter! Must admit I can’t believe we keep getting away with it but there’s no one to stop us!)

Well as has been proven recently, FECK ALL profit. If you are happy with FECK ALL profit and are willing to pay us £185 per month WE GUARANTEE to provide you with FECK ALL PROFIT for the duration of your time with us – long term profit is likely to be £0.00 – short term profit – well we will lull you into a false sense of security but a day like 11th October will come again and wipe out your betting bank and all profits. Me? I’ll be laughing as I make my money risk free

It is question 2 which is particularly galling. Not once has he mentioned the huge losses already inflicted. On his site he has suddenly STOPPED updating results. My guess is that he’ll try getting a few more £185 per month people on board – suck them dry and disappear. He gives one example in his email.

“Now, if you were using my system of laying favourites the chance of winning all 5 races is 0.24%. So, what do you think is best? We lay horses and we do it so well. Our launch day was a perfect example. Look below:

SELECTIONS FOR 2ND SEPTEMER 2008 (official launch day)

1.50 at Sedgefield. Film Festival. Winner at 4/5
2.10 at Southwell. Choral Festival. Loser at 11/10
3.45 at Goodwood. Royal Vintage. Non Runner
4.20 at Goodwood. Moville. Winner at 6/4 (Price was above 6/4 on Betfair, so it was a no bet)
5.20 at Sedgefield. Queen of Diamonds. Loser at 4/5

On Tuesday we won the first race and made the profit in second race as that lost at 11/10. The third race was a non runner, and the fourth race had an SP of 6/4, but was at 2.66 on the Betfair Exchange so it was a no bet. The fifth race lost at 4/5. So we had 1 winner, and 2 losers!”

BUT fails to tell about the time when all 5 selections won their races. I’m sorry to waste more time on this scam artist but was just so taken aback by the fact he is still advertising a losing service. Not only that, he is concealing the truth to new prospects by hiding losses. What kind of a person is this Mr Henderson?

Of course, though, there are a hundred Mr Henderson’s out there who simply couldn’t care about you or any losses that you might make. He wants to get rich by misleading, lying and scamming.

So please please please have nothing to do with these people. There is NOONE vetting these people and it’s “scam em while you can” territory!

I am going to forward this to the Advertising standards authority for what it’s worth and see if they can investigate and close down this despicable service.

On a brighter note, my career as show biz comedian has come to a grinding halt. Man, I had loads of Spurs joke material and now they’ve gone and won and drawn, I’m on the comedy scrapheap. Spurs recent performance and the performance of Liverpool against Chelsea does prove that sequences be they losing sequences or NOT losing sequences always come to an end. You can profit from these sequences. Other sequences to look out for? A striker who has not scored for a while (cue Robbie Keane for Liverpool) You are already familiar, from previous articles, about laying multiple winners in handicaps  – winning sequences WILL end!

JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS – BROOKES HAS WRITTEN A NEW EBOOK (I know -I couldn’t believe it either!)

HE who shall not be named (begins with S and ends with S and first name rhymes with EVEN) has written a new eBook – and I missed him so! I have bought a copy for family and friends for Xmas as you can imagine – we will gather by the fire roasting marshmallows as mother reads the usual 20+ pages on what Betfair is, how to turn on your computer, what a horse looks like etc etc. Not £37 this time but $72. At least this manual is covered by clickbank’s purchase guarantee. Anyone bought it? Let me know because he’s not getting any of my money!

BUSWELL AND THE ARBING GANG http://www.agsystem.co.uk/

I was interested to read about James Buswell’s new service (he of Winning Gap fame (oh yes that system didn’t work) and Statistical Predictor (oh yes, that system didn’t work either) and now the man whose writing style could turn an ebook on tieing your shoe laces together into the most complicated thing ever, has returned with a service in which he and those who join seek to manipulate the betting markets by placing a large amount of money on one horse – market forces dictate the price will fall and he and his merry band will lay off at shorter odds.

It is a great concept, and I don’t know how it will work in practical terms. Something like this, of course, cannot be tested. It is the basis for backing at a higher price and laying off on Betfair BUT when you have the same people laying the same horse at the same time, won’t the odds increase?

His claim of 100% strike rate is a little optimistic. Like autolays above, with its near 100% strike rate (alleged) this is what, I suspect, will draw people in.

Now personally I have handed over hundreds to Mr Buswell on your behalf and am loathe to do so again. I will look on in interest and see if I can get some info from contacts. To be honest, using Fairbot and a 16/1 system methodology, you will be able to spot these horses with money on them early enough NOT to pay this man any money!


I’m afraid with my recent car woes and breaking down on a bank holiday weekend, I was unable to really get into
the place backing this week, but the blog is back and doing the business.

I really think now there is legs in using compounding and place only backing and my instinct tells me the ideal compounding amount to aim for a day would be 0.2% of a £1000 betting bank (which is the same as 2% of a £100 betting bank returns wise).
The long term gains could still be spectacular with 0.2% of £1,000 – try it out on a calculator!

I have not received an update from Keith Pitts re the out of kilter bets but will follow this up. Another reader is employing out of kilters in the place only market to great success and utlising some of the excellent advice of Bernard Sleeman from the last newsletter which is very encouraging.


The Winter signals the run up to the Superbowl which gets squeezed in inbetween the adverts on American TV in January. But there’s money in them there hills and keeping the unique theme, LINEBACKER is devoted solely to American Football. Nice profit so far for old Mr X (he’s a shy fellow) which is the key point. I hope it can continue. Here’s that link again:


My testing for new systems -laying betting code and symbiotic lays will begin this weekend (unable to start last weekend) and I look forward to trying the football one out expecially although I have a feeling football systems are not necessarily profitable long term if not done with trading in mind.

As you can appreciate it has been a quiet week for me this week with my 3 mechanics, guinnessses and a There is plenty to come for sure as I get back in the swing of things. Do keep an eye out for http://www.pro-info.co.uk/ which is due to launch soon – from Martin Blakey I hope it proves as profitable as his am aware of.

Like Mr Buswell’s system above, www.pro-info.co.uk uses insider information to focus on stable gambles and give the opportnity to enter the gamble early and get out before the race starts. And it has been proven to work which is the exciting thing. I only hope it continues.

I’m off now to do some press for my new movie and offer Kelly Brook a couple of quid and a free S Brookes ebook if she’ll promise to star in my movie – have a great weekend.